Too Young to Get Hitched?

Caslyn Wrote:

“Hello, I am 22 years old and my boyfriend years recently popped the question, yea you know. He wants to marry me. My parents says I’m too young, but my girlfriends say go for it. I am confused. We know each other from high school but lost contact after graduation. Two years ago, we found each other and are dating since then.I dont want to hurt his feeling. Dont want to disappoint my parents. I love him and want to spend my life with him. Please tell me what you ladies think?”

Caslyn P


2 thoughts on “Too Young to Get Hitched?

    1. Marriage is a big decision. You’re 22 and you’re old enough to get married. Maturity on the other hand is something different. If you believe you are mature enough to deal with the demands of marriage then go for it. You would know your partner and whether he is supportive of you and all that you do. About your parents, they say old people know best. True. Listen to their side and weigh everything, In the end the decision is yours and yours only to make. If you decide on YES, congratulations are in order.

      Signed: Woman to Woman

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