Can Date Nights Bring the Spark Back to Your Relationship?

In relationships, date nights are very important whether you are just dating, going steady and yes when you’re married. Sometimes when persons get married, they tend to forget to do all the fun things that made them want to get married in the first place.

Does your relationship or marriage have scheduled date nights? What’s missing? Let’s talk about it and how women can put the spark back into their relationships.


2 thoughts on “Can Date Nights Bring the Spark Back to Your Relationship?

  1. Ater some couples get married or even when they are in a ‘steady’ relationship e.g. engaged or living together, date nights are thrown out of the window. Is it that they are too comfortable or start taking each other for granted? Either way, the relationship starts to get cold and before you know, the relationship is downhill. We know date nights is not the only thing that drives a relationship but it’s a good way of spending quality time and reinforcing the reasons why you are together—because you so enjoy each other’s company.But, don’t take it from me, this is only my opinion. I could be wrong. How about you? What’s your opinion? Share it so other women can see different sides of the coin.

    1. wonder woman

      I’m presently enaged to the man of my dreams. No matter how busy we are working and doing other stuff we find time to spend quality time with each other. We have date nights every other week. We just love being in each other’s company and I dont plan to give that up. Look, even Barack Obama and the First Lady have their date nights. I think I once read that he does the dishes on a certain night of the week. Now that’s how relationships should be. A man must not take his woman for granted. Ciao. ladies make sure your guy knows what time it is.

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