Best Friend Betrayal

Miss Thing Wrote:

“So you have your best friend, right. You guys go way back. You’re so ‘tight,’ no one else can come between the two of you. You tell her your secrets and she tells you hers. Then you got hit! She’s been sharing the girl talks and secrets with someone else. What do you do? Do you confront her? Do you just stop talking to her? Do you yell and scream at her? What do you do?”

Let’s talk about it girls


3 thoughts on “Best Friend Betrayal

  1. sister-sister

    Someone once said that trust is like a mirror – once it is broken, even if you put it back together the cracks still remain. You should talk with your friend, let her know exactly how betrayed you feel, then take it from there. If you two are/were extremely close, you will be able to work thru it. It does not mean however, that you shouldn’t be careful and guarded in the future.

    1. No Nonsense Girl

      Look, if your friend betrayed you she has to be ditched! If not she will do it again. She might even do something worse, like you need to watch her closely with you know who. You can forgive her not because you feel sorry for her but so that you can move on. That’s why I dont keep women friends too much or too close. Once bitten twice shy. Good luck!

      1. Sadie

        I know the felings girl. Something like this happened to me not too long ago. I trusted this chick only to find out she is a blabbermouth. I realise she was jealous of me. She wanted to be so much like me. I told her she has to be her. She told me negative things about other people too to place a wedge between me and them. I later found out what she was up to. I really thought she was nice. One can never be too careful. Keep your business to yourself.

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