Is This Guy Serious?

Loving Lisa Wrote:

Dear Women of Woman To Woman

I am a mature woman of 38. I’m living with a man for the first time in my life. We are not married but he tells me he wants to. I think he loves me, well I know. The thing is, he has one child, a daughter. She’s pretty young but lives with her mom. She comes over once per week which I don’t mind of at all. I try my best to show care and love to her but he ‘is pushing me away by saying that when she comes over it’s “their time”. At first I thought he was kidding, but I now hear it every week. I feel rejected. I thought he would be happy that I’m not shunning her. She and I get along fine I think but when he behaves possessive like that I withdraw. As much as I love him and respect that he wants to spend time with her, I feel like i’m invisible whenever she comes over. He shows little or no emotions to me when she is around. I told him if it bothers him so much he should get back with his ex so that his daughter can have him all the time. If that is what would make him happy, I dont mind calling the relationship quits. I know i’m good to him.  I take care of house, cook, clean even cut the grass. I make a special dinner on the day when the child comes over. How do I deal with this. I need to hear what you women think, please cuz this worries me. I want to know IS HE SERIOUS?Thanks

Loving Lisa

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