Women Should Accept Compliments with Confidence

Complimenting a womanWomen Need To Learn To Take Compliments. Women are generally known to be overly suspicious and overanalyze even the simplest things, especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

Don’t blame us, it’s how we are wired. Besides, guys have given us plenty of reasons to take things with a pinch of salt. If a man gives a compliment, rather than take it for what it is, most women would immediately assume that beneath it lies an ulterior motive—yea he’s got something up his sleeves.

It’s good to be guarded, but women can actually rob themselves of genuine compliments from men (or even their partners) if they continue to be suspicious about them. A husband who finds his wife suspicious about why he complimented the meal last night and not the night before may stop giving compliments altogether to avoid her chiding him about the lack of compliments for the night before.

A lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem can also prevent a woman from accepting compliments or taking it for what it is. Granted, even women with good self-confidence and self-esteem may react in the same manner. This inability to accept compliments can be apply to those coming from fellow females as well.

Tell her her outfit is great, and she’ll wisecrack: ‘What, this old thing?’ Tell her she looks well, and she’ll respond: ‘You mean I look fat, don’t you?’ Exclaim that you love her new haircut, and she’ll accuse you of hating the old one.

Taking compliments for what they are is something we must learn to do. When someone compliments you, be gracious and say, “thank you.” Avoid the need to explain. If someone compliments your shoes, you don’t have to say where they came from, or that it is an old pair you just dragged out of the attic! Sounds familiar? Just say, “thank you,” with a smile.

Tell us what you think? Is it hard for you too to take a compliment? How can women sharpen their compliment-taking skills? Feel free to leave a reply.


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