Self-Care is a Way to Love Yourself

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Ladies! Pamper yourself and feel like a million dollars! Because you deserve it.

A mistake some women make is to forget to treat themselves well. I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, but my good sense is telling me that failing to treat herself may be an indication of how much that woman actually loves herself.

Hold on—I know self-pampering depends on things like time and money. Many women are so caught up in the day-to-day affairs of being a wife, mother, employee and are screaming for time to just sit and relax.

PS: Who said when you become a wife or a mother you should let up on yourself? That’s more of a reason to pamper yourself. You’re busy taking care of everyone else, so why leave yourself undone?

Pampering, such as getting your hair or a manicure or pedicure done professionally may cost money. Some of you may not have that extra cash to afford such luxuries. But listen, you don’t have to have a lot of cash to take care of you. Who said you had to go on a shopping spree or to the salon each time you feel like doing some self-pampering?

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Taking care of yourself is much more than that. Of course getting the hair, face,, and nails make a woman feels great, but you can do simple things like, buy yourself a gift or a fancy bottle of your favorite wine, for example.

I have a simple way of pampering myself without spending any money. I go to the kitchen, take out the most expensive stemmed wine glass, and pour whatever I feel like drinking into it. As I am getting my drink, I talk to myself. I say “You are important than anyone else in this world. Use this expensive glass, you’re worth it. Don’t wait until you have an occasion to drink from it.” Then I sit, cross my legs, and sip. Awwh! I immediately get a sense of inner satisfaction.

Other times I tell everyone that I’m taking a vacation—yea I’m still in the house, but I down tools and just enjoy me. I may read a book, watch my favorite shows, watch a good movie, order take-out, eat cheesecake and, yes, shop!

Buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers, some fashion jewellery, take a bubble bath, paint your toes, tweeze your brows, wear lingerie—feel sexy. There is so much you can do without emptying your pocket.

Charity begins at home. In this crazy fast world, you have to remember to slow down and unwind. Savor the moments while you immerse in yourself.

People will treat you like you treat yourself. When they see that you go the extra mile to take care of you, they will know that they cannot treat you anyhow. They will also respect you for that and perhaps love you more because they realize that you’re someone who loves herself,

Don’t make that mistake of letting yourself go. Pamper yourself today and you will see, it will make you feel like a  million dollars!

Let’s talk ladies. Do you pamper yourself and how do you do it?

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