Understanding the Art of Makeup

Photo: Paulla De Souza




by Paulla De Souza Makeup Artist and Guest Contributor  

Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet many women from all the Continents . They all had one question in common – how do I achieve that nice flawless finish of a professional makeup job at home, especially when it comes to doing my eyes?  

MAQUILLAGE was born, my first makeup dvd that featured five looks with step by step instructions on how to achieve same. I am however not convinced that it was enough. So I came up with this strategy, I believe that if I can share my understanding of what makeup really is, the products and their purposes and what can be achieved from their various uses then maybe it would be less challenging and makeup can become more fun.  

The first lesson I learnt was, an artist never work on a dirty canvas. A canvas that is flawed and unkept is a challenge for even the best makeup artist. With special care and dedication I believe it is possible to achieve nice, flawless skin. The focus should always be on eating healthy and a good SKIN CARE regimen. In my opinion, skin care reflects YOU and makeup should only be used to enhance. Learn what your skin type is so you can choose products that would be complimentary, develop an intimate relationship with your skin so you know what works for you. A basic skin care routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing everyday twice per day, along with scrubbing occasionally will give you remarkable results. There is no extra time needed, just include it as a part of your bath routine.  

The one thing you should be aware of is, since as you mature your skin need changes, you should adjust your skin care products to suit these changes. Skin care should always be one of your self investments; it is one that would have life time benefits. Trust me when I say it’s wiser to invest in a moisturizer over a fabulous pair of shoes. I know you are capable of working through my logics.  

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