Get that Ring: How to Get Him to Ask the Million Dollar Question


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For the man who (unlike some) is not planning to get on his knees in a hurry, you know he has those formidable walls up, too scared, too shy, too –just-don’t-want-to-commit-now…. 

You on the other hand, you’re waiting for that big moment—the moment when he pops the million dollar question, “oh how long more do I have to wait”?, you ask yourself. Well don’t ask me either, I don’t know, I’m not the expert —as if anyone is. 

 One writer said “It’s like asking a fortune teller to predict the next winning combination for the lottery jackpot.” Who needs a psychic anyway? 

There is no written rule on how to get your “Mr. Right” (free, single and disengaged) to pop the big question, though most women wish they had the magic formula. But hey, don’t sweat it, you can try a thing or two to ensure you get that ring! You see ladies, you have to be skillful, strategic, no not cunning, just smart causing him to want to drop to his knees. You have to psyche him up, tear down those stubborn walls and lead him to the light. Remember, he might not be quite ready emotionally or financially (which by the way are noble ‘cop-outs’), so you have to be tactful. 

“One way is to try to decipher his fears and anxieties. Then when you dispel those fears and melt those anxieties, you just might be able to perform the most stubborn of miracles. He’ll finally ask the question. With a glittering diamond to boot”! 

Some Tips on How to Get Him to Pop the Question Before You Pop from Frustration  

  • Try not to appear desperate (this can make him suspicious and may chase him away)
  • Talk about the future (about kids, buying a home, etc)
  • Talk about friends who are getting married
  • Become more independent (so he don’t think you’re looking for him to care for you financially and otherwise)

Last resort: Give him an ultimatum (do or die)! 

Note, some family/relationship therapists discourage women trying to get him to propose, citing it as a “huge red flag”. Of course you are not trying to force him into marriage but surely a little nudge won’t hurt, right? 

The following may help the cause (winks)

  • Delicious food (way to a man’s heart)
  • Serene environment
  • Good and sincere conversation
  • Being sensitive to his fears

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