Wedding Bells


So he popped the million dollar question on his own? Or you had to nudge him here and there before he realized he needs to get serious or risk losing you? Either way, you got yourself the diamonds and just cannot wait for the “I DO” part. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it. Now it’s time to plan a wedding!

If you’re going to be a June bride, this is your month. June or not, we still want to help you get set with tips and ideas. Let’s start with what is perhaps the number one item on the bride’s list—her wedding dress/gown. Whatever you do, your most important concern is that you look fabulous for your knight in shining armour. But how do you decide which dress/gown to buy? There are so much of them on the market.

First, determine your body type. This way, you will know what kind of dress cut best suits your shape.

Next, determine your style, bearing in mind you should use the basic dress cut as the fundamental guide. E.g., if mermaid/trumpet bottom suits your figure, you ensure whatever is the design of the top of the dress, it should work because the bottom is already sorted out. (this is assuming you are wearing a floor length dress/gown). For more on which cut best suits what body types click here.

Then you have to choose the dress colour, the fabric and whether you want it custom made or purchased directly from the store. There may be some other finer details you can work out with your wedding planner or dress designer but these are the very important and basic considerations.

Woman To Woman will bring you more on dresses—designs, colours and more, as the month progresses.

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