Public Outrage Causes "Baby Gaga" 'Telephone' to be pulled from You Tube

Well what do you know? Surprisingly, just about an hour after Woman To Woman posted the story on the “Baby Gaga” Video Outrage: Is this Child Exploitation?, the video was pulled from you tube. This is why the video attached to the previous article can no longer be viewed. A check of online newspapers and blogs showed the video as unavailable too.

Only this morning, the toddler’s mother showed no intention of pulling the video, citing it as playful and harmless. Many parents and viewers who saw the video expressed outrage at the content particularly since it’s linked to Gaga’s outrageous and sexually explicit “Telephone” music video. The child was dressed in Gaga-like costume and wore heavy makeup. In one scene, she wore handcuffs. All throughout the video scenes, the toddler appeared unhappy and uncomfortable. Click here to view Gaga’s “Telephone” (clean version)

Woman To Woman


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