Classic and Trendy Wedding Cakes of the Season









Non-Traditional & Trendy    



This ivory and black cake can make a statement for those who are non-traditional, non-conventional or outlandish.    



I call this the “pink-and-playful marshmellow cake”. Cute for those who love pink and don’t want to spend too much on a cake.    



This is a perfect yummy green cake, one of my favourites for this season. Hey, you can’t go wrong with green…    



There is not much to say, these cakes speak for themselves. Whatever the colour scheme of your wedding, you do not need to be afraid to go all out with the colours of the cake. Cakes are no longer just white and cream. You’ll now find colors from hot pink, orange, spring green, etc –    

Look out for more trendy cakes as I continue to share these fabulous cake ideas with you. Oooh la la, these cakes make me excited!    

Woman To Woman

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