Face Fabulous: Makeup Questions & Answers

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by Paulla De Souza (facefabulous)   

What is the best way to have my brows shaped, should I tweeze, wax or shave?  

It’s always better to tweeze or wax or a combination of both, there is also threading, a procedure that was made popular by Indian Nationals.  Get brows done by a professional who knows what he/she is doing especially when doing it for the first time.  Eyebrows are THE most important feature on the face as they add character, expression and frame the eyes – sorry guys, I am not dissing anyone but from my observation most barbers or hairdressers are clueless when it comes to brow shaping, eye brows are waaaay too thin (thin eyebrows add a few years) and often the shape does not enhance in anyway.  Not everyone understand the art of brow shaping so one should choose wisely when getting brows done for the first time, getting the basic shape is the biggest challenge. Afterwards it can be perfected and more defined with the use of a pencil and or brow powder.  Brows should be shaped taking hairs out mostly from underneath, sometimes it might be necessary to take some hairs from the top but be careful not to interfere with the natural arch, as removing too much from the top can push the brow down defeating the purpose of opening up the eyes.  Maintain at home at least once per week by taking out the stray hairs using a tweezers.  If it is too painful numb the area with ice or use a warm rag to open up the pores. Small thing, it’s not bad a little ouch here and there, after all what do they say about vanity…. Browse magazines, check out your favourite celebrities for suggestions of the different brow shapes; take a picture to the person who will do your brows to serve as a guideline.  

Click on the link for a visual and more depth on this subject, this will help you to understand the logistics that aids in finding the perfect shape that is right for you.  http://www.eyebrowz.com/faceshape.htm   

How do I add definition to my brows without making them look fake and false?   

Armed with well shaped pencil one can change the shape of any feature on the face. Stay away from black eyebrow pencils in most instances black is too harsh even on the darkest skin.  Opt for shades of browns, use short feathered strokes to fill in spaces and to add definition where it is needed, do not draw a line, use your brow brush to brush away excess.  Special brow powders and gels can also be used to add definition.  Using a brow brush dip into brow powder, blend off any excess at the back of your hands or on tissue before applying to the brows.  Add more if needed, it is always better to have too little and reapply than to have too much to take off.  For brows that are too thin, I recommend using brown mascara, blot off the wand as much as possible using facial tissue or paper towel, lightly brush across the brows, you can also use clear mascara on darker brows or on brows that are unruly this will help them to stay in place.  


Check out this how to guide as well, I think it is awesome http://www.eyebrowz.com/howto.htm  


As a woman ages, does makeup really makes her look younger? How much is too much or too little makeup for a woman over 40?   

Photo: facefabulous.wordpress.com


Like everything else adaptability and adjustability are the key phrases that should become a woman’s best friend as she matures.  

 Makeup should be age appropriate and in this particular instance less is definitely more.  My advice is definitely for you to pay more attention to taking care of your skin, maintain a healthy diet, exercise, quit smoking if you do,  live a stress free life, pay more attention to your spirituality and getting enough rest helps to keep you looking young and fresh.   

 Keep makeup simple and subtle during the day and for evenings pop the eyes with mascara and a little colour, highlight under the brow bone with a lighter colour eyeshadow, this gives well defined brows more definition.  Brows that are well defined will enhance your look.  Remember eyebrows frame the eyes and add expression.  How much is too much still has to do with personal preference.   I suggest staying away from frosty makeup, especially during the day and skin that is too matte, healthy skin is soft and supple in appearance, too much powder tends to settle into creases often highlighting and drawing attention to wrinkles.   

 Hence the reason why it is so important to take good care of your skin and be consistent from a very early age.  Wrinkles cannot be stop but the aging process can be delayed for a very long time, there are tons of products out there for us to choose from, one just has to choose wisely.  Remember to develop an intimate relationship with your skin so you can know what works best for you.  

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5 thoughts on “Face Fabulous: Makeup Questions & Answers

  1. sister-sister

    Thank you so much for sharing. Just one question, how does one decide what shape best suits one’s face? I have a round face and very thin eye brows, which I tweeze myself I am sure sure it is really working for me.

    1. Sister- sister, thank you for your question. I posted an article on “Knowing the Shape of Your Face Can Help You Better Apply Makeup” You can read and watch the instructional video by clicking on the link below. (click on blue link) http://candidsuite.wordpress.com/fashion-beauty/know-the-shape-of-your-eyes/

      You can also go to this site (click on blue link) http://www.eyebrowz.com/faceshape.htm

      You will get a good idea of how to approach your brows based on your face shape. Have Fun!

  2. Anonymous

    Hi thank you again Sister-Sister… the perfect brow shape for your round face is definitely not a thin brow, you should try to grow your eye brows out and reshape them. Tweeze from underneath creating a high arch. Now I need your imagination to work with me on what I am about to share. Grab a long pencil or use one of your makeup brushes, first hold the pencil straight along side your nose the beginning of your brow should start there, second, angle the pencil diagonally from the tip of your nose where the pencil ends that is where your brow should end, and third, the arch should line up with the tip of your nose and the outter edge of your iris. So it’s all imaginary lines and most important tip to remember is don’t touch the top of the brow unless it is very messy just remove the strays. Taking off too much hair from on top pushes the brow down and you want to open up your eye area, a high arch create the illusion of an oval shaped face. You may need a well sharpened pencil in a shade of brown to further add definition, use short shading strokes to acquire the perfect finish. Use the diagrams shown in the illustration for visual… hope I was able to shed some more light for you… Bless!

  3. sister-sister

    Thank you so much for your responses. I have started the regrowth process (it looks really messy :)) but i definitely need the change. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out. Thanks again

    1. sister-sister, how about send us a photo of your brows after the regrowth and tweeze/wax/thread process has ended? We would love to share it if you like. 🙂 Glad you’re having fun with the ‘messy’ regrowth process, it’s worth the while. Paulla introduced me to tweezing, I used to have my brows shaven at a salon. After my introduction from Paulla, no more shaving. I tweeze myself too, ouch ouch! Painful, isnt it? 🙂

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