Why Men “AVOID” Certain Women And “CHASE” The Rest…

 By James Scott (Relationship Expert)

Have you ever wondered why men run after certain women and avoid the rest?

Why some women have no trouble attracting and keeping any guy they please while others try extremely hard yet always struggle?

Why is it that some women can easily get their man to commit while others are scared of even talking about commitment?

Why is it that some women know how to get what they truly want from their man while others always complain about how their partner doesn’t understand their needs?

Now you might say…That they’re just lucky…But that’s not true.

These women understand something about men which majority of women out there have no idea about.

Do you know that every man has a collection of attraction switches…And the moment you trigger these switches you can literally make him dance to your tunes?

Once you understand how to use these triggers…You can have his undying love and devotion for the rest of your life. This powerful ability will cause men to be super interested in you even if you aren’t most beautiful or smartest woman out there.

How Do I Know All This…And Why Should You Listen To Me?

You must be thinking…Who the heck is this guy making all these big claims? I guess we haven’t had our official introduction yet so here goes…

My name is James Scott…And I am what most would call a relationship expert. I have helped women from all walks of life…

I have transformed women from being single, lonely & confused…To attracting & keeping the man of their dreams.

From a point where a woman feared that her man might never commit to the point where the man was eagerly willing to get on his knee and propose.  

From a point where a woman was left by her husband…To the point where the husband literally begged her to take him back.

I am sure you might be wondering…How do I know all this?

Well because I am a guy & I have been through all the situations a woman would normally go through.

Sounds funny huh?

I know I know! But wait…I haven’t told you the whole story yet!

I have been through all these relationship situations but from the other side. Which means the male side…It’s a bit embarrassing but I must admit!

I’ve been the guy who got scared, got distant the moment his girl asked him to commit.

I’ve been the guy who has used all the lame excuses to get rid of a girl.

I am the guy what most women define as “THE ULTIMATE JERK”.

Ok enough! I think you get my point here.

But let me share a secret which might be a bit hard to believe-

Men don’t do this on purpose…In fact! Most men don’t even know that what they’re doing can hurt women so much.

And here is another secret –

Do you know the lamest excuse men use when they aren’t sure about a woman?

It’s something like-

“I am not ready for a serious relationship right now…”

Well guess what?

When men tell women they aren’t ready for a relationship…They’re lying.

The truth is that they aren’t ready for a relationship with that “PARTICULAR WOMAN”.

This is the reason why there are so many men who would say they just aren’t ready for a relationship to a certain woman and end up marrying another woman within a month.

Sounds weird right?

You might think some men are just screwed up…Even crazy.

But it’s very logical…Let me tell you why.

Men say no when they don’t really feel that deep inner emotional urge to be with a woman. In other words…When there isn’t enough attraction he will always pull away sooner or later.

So is there something you can do to change his mind?

The answer is absolutely YES. Do you know that it’s very simple to give a man that inner gut feeling which tells him that you are the only one for him?

Keep reading & I will show step-by-step…How it’s done…

 A Harsh Fact…

The harsh fact is that 95% of the women out there will never have the kind of success they desire with men.

Let’s face it! Most women are clueless when it comes to men. They rely on luck because they don’t know what to do.

And even worse they make no real effort to work on this area of their life. They sort of sit back and take what they get. They live in the false idea that some day they’re going to magically find the man of their dreams and life will be smooth.

But it doesn’t work this way. Nothing would work out by itself…Success with men boils down to having the skills on what actions to take. And unless you have those skills you will always struggle.

How To Become That One-In-A-Million Woman A Man Would Do Anything To Be With…

After years of research and studying successful couples…I started to realize that women who were successful with men…Weren’t just plain lucky or doing it by accident.

In fact! They were doing certain things over and over. And these were the things which were getting these men to feel strong attraction for them. The more I saw this the more I began to think that I had stumbled upon something big.

But here is the tricky part…None of this was actually obvious or common sense. In fact! Most women aren’t even aware of this.

And the interesting fact was – What most women believe would make a man attracted to them actually pushes him away.

So in other words most women are jumping a ladder which is leaning against the wrong wall. What they believe will make the man want them actually ends up making him avoid them.

This was like one of those real “aha” moments…I had finally discovered the key to the lock.

I figured that any woman who understands these secrets has no trouble…

  • Making men hopelessly fall in love with her.
  • Making any man do almost anything to please her.
  • Getting what they want from a man without even trying.
  • Making a man want to spend his whole life with her.

5 thoughts on “Why Men “AVOID” Certain Women And “CHASE” The Rest…

  1. dineo

    james i am falling inlove with your techniques, i have found myself in a situation where my man was distant and not smsing me back sometimes and i got very annoyed with that. so i sent him an sms tellimg him am giving him some time alone, he didnt reply till today.

  2. The True Answer

    There are many of us single men still out there having trouble just getting a date nowadays since many women are now going for the Creepiest Looking Bad Boy type of men, and that is very sad for us that do want a Good Woman to share our life with.

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