Fun “Girls Night” Ideas


by  Stephanie Tru, Guest Writer, WOMAN TO WOMAN

With the stress of work, kids, bills, and everything else the world throws at us, a Girl’s night out might just be what the doctor ordered. Whether you and your friends have enough money to rent a limo and paint the town or just enough funds to take in a movie, it can be an exciting and fun experience to break up the monotony and mundane routine of the week’s task and stresses. You can either do something exciting and challenging or something the makes you feel relaxed and pampered.

Best “Girl’s Night” Ideas

“Sex and the City” or “Girlfriends” Marathon
 – Women across the world love to watch the captivating and entertaining women in their many relationships quarrels and triumphs. Whether you’re more drawn to Carrie’s antics or Joan’s endless search for a meaningful relationship, either show would be a good fit for a girl’s night in. Go to your local Best Buy and pick up seasons one and two. Have a friend bring over a couple of bottles of wine and serve tasty appetizers or better yet rent the whole series and whip up a batch of cosmopolitan to enjoy with the show!

Go Dancing – Whether you and your girls are single and on the hunt or married, getting out of the house and hitting up your favorite club can be very fun and even burn some calories. I recommend Salsa dancing! It’s very fun and not the usual “bump and grind’ environment a lot of the trendy clubs today often offer.

Passion Party – Passion parties are growing increasingly popular around the country with young women as well as the older crowd looking to put a spark in their bedroom with fun games and merchandise. Check out and look for people who throw parties in your area.

Go out to Dinner – Having dinner at a fabulous restaurant can be a great way to catch up on girl talk while enjoying great drinks, swanky atmosphere, and delicious food. If your group is feeling adventurous, go to a restaurant no one has ever visited. Spice it up with an authentic Japanese restaurant or a quaint café with lattes and scones. Dish on the latest gossip or have a juicy conversation.

Have a cooking party – Women have been told since they were little girls that the way to men’s hearts is through his stomach. This statement is true and is still relevant to today’s microwave nation. Even if you consider yourself as having skills in the kitchen, brushing up on popular dishes or new exotic creations can be educational and fun. You and your girlfriends can meet at someone’s house, bringing a cook book and ingredients. Spend the night creating a delicious feast to share over a nice wine or special cocktail. Having a cooking party not only creates a fun environment for chit-chat but also gives you more practice with creating mouth-watering dishes you can later make for your significant other. You don’t have to necessarily use a cook book for your party; Swap recipes with one another or get your ideas from a cooking show. Either way, it should make for a fun, finger licking good time.

Spa night – If you and your girls have a hefty budget, go all out with licensed masseuse and makeup artist. If your pockets are less than full, try going to your local grocery store and picking up face mask, different bottles of nail polishes and utensils for pedicures and manicures, waxing kits, etc. Each person can be responsible to bring something to keep cost down and spread it evenly throughout the group. A variation of a spa weekend could be having a Mary Kay or Avon representative do a demonstration of popular products and helpful makeup tips.

More quick ideas for women to get together

– Book Clubs: If you don’t have a book in mind, check out the New York Times best seller list. Have a one or two-week deadline for the group to complete the book and then have a get together at some one’s house or at a local coffee shop to review the book

– Pole Party: Brush up on your sexy moves and unleash your inner Diva by setting up a Pole Party. You’ll learn professional pole techniques and dance in a comfortable and fun environment. This is a great idea for a birthday party or bachelorette party. Check local listings in your area for companies

Go bowling: This is not just for the boys. Take your girls to the local bowling alley and have a ball on the lanes.

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