What a Girl Wants

By Guest Contributor for Life And Things Between

We are not just interested in the way you look; we also love the way your skin feels.  I endorsed skin care for men ages ago, I mean why not, especially since on a day to day basis we are all exposed to the same elements and, in some instances, face the same issues regarding acne and premature aging.  Fun in the sun is good for all of us but unfortunately it takes a toll on our skin if we are exposed without the proper protection.

Fortunately skincare for men is no longer taboo, there are lots of manufacturers out there whipping up formulas to meet the needs of guys who are conscious about the way they look and feel about there skin. Allow your wife or girlfriend to indulge and pamper you with an at home facial from time to time, it should be very romantic and you can thank her in ways that would be pleasing to both of you at the end of it all.

What a girl wants is for her man to look good from the top of his head to the tip of his “toes” (do get pedicures as well).  We don’t necessarily want you looking better than us or competing for time spent in front of the mirror but feeling good about every aspect of you do has its rewards. So go ahead and explore your options regarding your personalized skin care needs, in a few years you would be very grateful.  We cannot stop the process of aging but with the right skin care products, exercise and a proper diet, we sure can beat the odds.  Wink, Wink!!! Smile.

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