Ruth: She Came to Harvest Wheat & Barley, She Stayed for Love

By Lady Charles, for Woman to Woman   

On returning to the island of St Maarten, after spending a really fun filled Easter in Trinidad, I enquired from a Writers Group member what was the topic for the story scheduled for April’s writing. The subject did sound as a challenge to me, characterizing myself as a woman in the bible.    

After reorganizing my home again and also reorganizing myself from vacation, I began my test on Monday evening as the meeting was for Tuesday night. I missed my walk as I looked out at the cool, breezy evening.  However, it was a quiet time with no TV or radio on for disturbance, so I propped myself up with pillows on my bed and my reading began in my new Bible that was given to me from my friend Odette.    

I read intently and formed several opinions, smiling at times.  The Book had a few chapters and so before long, I was finished. Surely the mood was right, and I got the urge to begin writing.  Alone with my pen, paper and Bible, I had some soy nuts, yogurt and water that whenever hunger bit, I could munch on something from my desk, this time.    

The Book of Ruth is short. It is beautifully and wonderfully written love story.  I must say that at this time, writing the story was no longer viewed by me as challenging.  I was just excited to express feelings on paper.    

Ruth: Triumph over adverse circumstances due to faithfulness and loyalty and became the grandmother of Israel’s greatest King, King David.    



Generally, the atmosphere in the Book of Ruth is a vivid one. I can relate to residing in another country other than my own, but in my case, modern technology keeps me in close contact with my family, which I do appreciate.  I actually felt as a character appearing in the story as it is told in such a quaint and interesting way.  I particularly enjoyed the beautiful literature in chapter 1, verses 16 and 17.    

“And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for wither though goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge; thy people shall be my people and they God my God:     

Where thou diest, will I die and there will I be buried the Lord do so to me and more also if ought but death part thee and me”    

Naomi was indeed a loving person. She shared love and received love. She was a joyful person too, because she wanted happiness in the lives of others and she enjoyed that shared happiness herself.  She also showed that she was a caring person, by her extension of love for others.  Another feature I found admirable in Naomi is her unselfishness.  She put herself in situations of others, and dispelled her feelings in a true and genuine way.  She could not have been clearer that in spite of the death of her husband and sons, she wanted her Daughter-in-laws Ruth and Orpah to be happy again.    

Like me, Ruth was all about returning love, kindness and devotion.  She decided to stay with Naomi who would have been lonely also.  She decided to keep her company as they left Moab to return to Judah.  Only good would follow Ruth after this action.  I looked at Ruth’s reaction as a good turn; and as I would think, one good turn deserves another.    

Positively speaking, the kind of person that I am, I saw a turnaround in Ruth’s life.  She got to Judah just at the beginning of the Barley Harvest and initiated the move to clean ears of corn in the field of reapers.  There and then she was put on the side of the field owned by a wealthy family friend, Boaz.  God was truly working out his goodness to all of them from this stage.  Not only did Ruth find grace in Boaz’s eyes but also Boaz found grace in her eyes, shortly after enquiring who she was.    

Upward steps were made as Ruth did not only work in the field but graduated to inside the house.  At this point, Ruth was well aware that special favor was being given to her, as she could now drink from Boaz’s vessels.  He even asked her why she found grace in his eyes. Love started to blossom with love glances.    

Let’s face it.  Boaz did some home work and admired the stance she took with her Mother-in-law by coming to a strange land. Boaz spoke of the Lord many times to Ruth and I know that she loved it and was comforted by his kindness.  She was invited to eat bread with Boaz and she was happy to report to her Mother-in-Law about him.    

Naomi, as you would imagine, already knew that love was in the air and encouraged Ruth to continue until the end of the Barley and Wheat harvest.    

Oh boy!! Naomi surely encouraged Ruth to make a play with Boaz. Give him a massage when he is finished eating, she encouraged.  Ruth, the obedient soul, not only got his floor space ready for anointing his feet, but her space was also prepared. At midnight, the action began, as she laid at his feet, all ready to massage them. Boaz had real lyrics and spoke always in a lovely, Godly tone.  Ruth was not easy, she over-nighted and was up and out early before she was seen by anyone.    

Again she reported the happenings to Naomi. Experienced Naomi told her to cool it until Boaz reached her again.    

Well, Boaz did all his arrangements with his kinsmen and finally got Ruth’s hand in marriage.  They both got what they wanted love and companionship.  So much heated excitement ensued between Ruth and Boaz that they made a son. Naomi was overjoyed.  Her plan worked for happiness, for Ruth. They named the son Obed.  Ruth really had great confidence in, and love for, her Mother-in-law, Naomi, and trusted her for good advice.    

The reason for my summarizing the book of Ruth was to give readers at least the gist of the Book, in the event that they had not read it before.  Characterizing myself as Ruth was easy as we have some similar common traits in our personalities.  I love to be treated nicely, and getting that treatment in return, I surely extend myself to the best of my ability.  I am then stuck with you to the end as a friend or deserving person.    

I admire Ruth as she enjoys company. I always say “I love good company.” I too enjoy my Mother-in-Law’s company, especially when she is telling me stories about her early days and experiences of growing up.  I am seeing her rounded face now as she talks with her eyes and laughs heartily.    

Ruth had set eyes on Boaz and they stayed there. When I realized that my Husband’s attention was on me, I too returned not only attention but also affection to him. To this day 39 years later, we still shower each other with lots of love.  My husband and I only have one son, similar to Ruth and Boaz. I realize that we knew how to select at first glance, the look of love in the eyes and be so confident in ourselves as mates.    

I can see myself doing many of the same things Ruth did.  I imagine some people would criticize some of her actions and place her at the bottom of the ladder, but I do admire her straight and down-to-earth attitude.  Oh yes! I do think that she realized that life goes on especially with a Mother-in-law like Naomi, for who she had great respect and whom she trusted would point her in the right direction.    

The book of Ruth is worth reading and discussing with others. RUTH, a gentile, became the mother of Obed, the grandmother of Jesse, and the great-grandmother of King David and ultimately part of the inheritance of Christ.   

Who would have thought? Had she not heeded her mother-in-law’s (Naomi) advice, had she not been insistent on going to Judah with Naomi, had she given up hope, what would have happened? Or was it her ultimate destiny?  

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