Loneliness and Lonely People

Loneliness can make you sad.
Loneliness can make you sad.

by Woman to Woman

There must be a whole lot of lonely people in the world! And I’m not talking about single people, because being single does not necessarily mean being lonely. For the past 4-6 weeks, I have been observing what I’d like to call an “interesting phenomenon.” Not only do I wish to highlight this occurrence but also to attempt to figure out why it is happening. Mind you, my statements are based purely on observable facts.

When I look at my blog’s statistics, I am given a fixed set of information, including what search terms people used, mostly on GOOGLE, to find my website.  To my amazement, recently topping the charts is the term “LONELINESS.” You would not believe the amount of website traffic I have been getting on a daily basis from that one word being typed into the Google search bar. At first, I thought to myself it was merely coincidental. Then after a week or so, I noticed the trend continued. Then many weeks passed and still, people are finding the site using the word “loneliness,” all because of an article once published under the subject line Loneliness and Poor Self-Esteem: Understanding the Connection. So far, that one article alone, published less than 3 months ago, must have had over 500 visits and counting! It’s a good article though, I think. Sometimes, the site visit is even triggered by the search term “self-esteem”, or “loneliness and self esteem”.

So here is my hypothesis. There must either be a lot of lonely people out there looking for information on loneliness, how it manifests and how to deal with it. And/or, there are lots of people writing articles or stories on the topic “loneliness” or “lonelyness” as some (incorrectly) spells it but nevertheless are pointed to this blog.  Whichever of the two, it signifies a single fact—that loneliness is real, a real fact of life! Some, if not all of us, have had this experience, this feeling, at some point of our lives. The good news is, you can shake it off, and quick!

Whether they are alone, lonely, alone and lonely or simply looking for information on the subject, it’s always pleasing to know that this blog can assist in some way. And hey, the site’s articles have a good place amongst the millions of information that pops up when you do a search on Google!

Click to read the following beautifully written posts (1)  Loneliness and Poor Self-Esteem: Understanding the Connection and (2) Loneliness: Things You Should Know

This article points out that self-esteem is affected by loneliness and vice versa. It also shares common reasons why people feel lonely and some coping strategies.


by Woman to Woman

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