Domonique Mayhawk: Young Story Book Illustrator & Rising Artist Living Her Dreams

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PictureFrom the slums of Detroit Michigan to Ann Arbor comes young Domonique Mayhawk, a Christian freelance artist. This young woman has a passion for the arts, something she knew ever since she was a little girl. She later pursued studies at University of Michigan School of Art & Design. There she studied Photography, Videography, 3D modeling, and Graphic Design.  In the end, she graduated in 2008 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

She worked in various jobs fields, gaining experience in Graphic Design, designing logos, magazine layouts and business cards.  Six months later, she landed her first job as an illustrator for Sherry O’Neal the author of children book “LJ and the Dreammaker”. 

While in the process of finishing the Illustrations for Sherry, she wrote her first children’s manuscript named “Meet Pooky”.  After finishing the manuscript in December, she pushed the story aside to look for more illustration gigs.  Domonique was doing research on publishers and building the look of her character while her manuscript was collecting dust during those months.  Domonique finally got self-published with XLibris Self-Publishing Company on June 22, 2010 and her book was released August 5, 2010. 

Copyright, DMayhawk Illustrations

Pooky Book Series

Pooky In October 

Pooky In October is the second book to the series.  This book is about Halloween time for Pooky’s second grade class.  Her school puts on a Halloween party for the elementary school, but Pooky is not allowed to attend and her friends Candy Rodney and Sheila wonders why.  After finding out why she isn’t allowed to go, while still dressed in Halloween costumes they decide to spend Halloween night with Pooky instead. 

Pooky, Why I Am Thankful 

This is the third book to the series.  Pooky and her parents are about to go and visit their family in Detroit for Thanksgiving after being a way for 6 months.  Pooky says her goodbyes to her new friends and off she goes to the city that she misses so much to get some good old granny thanksgiving dinner.  After reuniting with her old neighborhood friends and family they all talk about what they are thankful for, especially Pooky realizing how good she has it in her new home.  But there is nothing better than being with family again. 

Pooky, Franky The Snowman 

This is the 4th book in the series.  Franky is his name!  The name of the gigantic snowman that Pooky and her friends Rodney Candy and Sheila along with other kids in the neighborhood decides to build on a nice winter day.  They decided to dress him up and visit him.  One day the temperature starts to rise and Franky begins to melt slowly.  The kids become sad because they had worked so hard on Franky and they looked at him as their snowman friend.  Pooky tells her friends that if they pray to God for more snow, then Franky will not melt.  They all pray and all of a sudden they see their Franky is still standing because God answered their prayers for more snow. 

Domonique is currently in the process of writing her next two manuscripts based on the character “Pooky” that she created.  She will also be illustrating for the remainder of her books in the book series!  She hopes to also write screenplays for feature films in the near future, already beginning her journey with her first screenplay, “Surviving the Detroit Funk”. 

Other Accomplishments

In respect of videos, Ms. Mayhawk has directed, produced, and edited two five minute documentaries on “Living Homeless.”  She has also directed, produced, and edited two music videos, one of which she appeared in.  She has also written, directed, produced and storyboarded her movie short called Transformation,   and worked as a sound designer for the feature film “Bilal’s Stand.”  This creative debutante is hoping to land more opportunities in the film industry!

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