Pardon Teresa Lewis, Virginia Woman Scheduled to Die by Lethal Injection

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PLEAS for pardon is out for Teresa Lewis. Lewis is scheduled to be killed by lethal injection on Thursday, Sept 23, 2010, at the Virginia death chamber, for the murders of her husband and stepson. It was a murder for hire and the two men that actually killed her husband and stepson were both given life imprisonment. A lot of questions have been raised about the death penalty and fairness of the death penalty system. The judge’s reason for giving Lewis the death sentence was that she was more culpable than the men, who shot their victims as they slept. The killings were her idea, the judge reasoned; she was the mastermind; she recruited the men to do the dirty work.

Lewis filed a Petition for Executive Clemency on August 25, 2010, requesting that the death sentence be commuted to a sentence of life without parole. Today, Washington Post reported that Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) said in a statement Friday evening that he would not spare the life of a 41-year-old mother and grandmother. Mc Donnell cited having “no compelling reason to set aside the sentence,” as the reason for the decision to go ahead with the execution.

Lawyers for Lewis have presented evidence that:

(1) She has an IQ of just above 70 — borderline retarded — and as such lacks the basic skills necessary to organize and lead a conspiracy to commit murder for hire;

(2) She has dependent personality disorder and therefore complied with the demands of those upon whom she relied, especially men;

(3) Because of a long list of physical ailments she had developed an addiction to pain medications, and this adversely affected her judgment; and

(4) She had not a single episode of violent behavior in the past.

If Teresa is executed, she will become the first woman executed in the state in nearly a century. Anti-death penalty activists are working to prevent the execution. Only intervention by the U.S. Supreme Court now can save her life.

Sign the Petition to SAVE Teresa’s Life:

Click here:


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