12 Statements of Wisdom from Mike Murdock

  1. Go where you are going to be celebrated rather than tolerated

  2. The difference between seasons is a person

  3. The problems you solve determine your value to others

  4. Wherever you’re supposed to be there is prosperity

  5. Your future is determined by who you have chosen to honor

  6. Provision is confirmation that you are in the place you’re supposed to be

  7. If you fail in your life it will be because of a person you chose to dishonor

  8. Dishonor is the seed for love, is the seed for tragedy

  9. I can’t create through honor what I can’t create with knowledge and intelligence

  10. What is your code of honor?

  11. You’re nobody until somebody hates you

  12. You don’t need everybody liking you, just the one right person

Words of Wisdom from Mike Murdock, from his TV broadcast as he discussed his book 7 Laws You Must Honor To Have Uncommon Success

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3 thoughts on “12 Statements of Wisdom from Mike Murdock

  1. EboniPrincess

    I am a big fan of Mike Murdock, I love his teaching… I am particularly intrigued by the statement the difference between seasons is one person, one person can change your destiny… tks for reminding me that I am in a good place

  2. Moses

    Since the time i hav been reading ur books,you impacts my life and increases my wisdom.God bles,lifts,nd uphold you in jesus name.

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