Encourage and Empower Women by Your Own Experiences

The good old saying says “experience teacheth wisdom,” and it is tried and proven. But it never said that we have to go through those experiences ourselves to gain that wisdom. We can actually learn a lot from the experiences of others.

This is why Life And Things Between invites all women, and men, to share your experiences with us. The idea is to encourage, empower, give hope to all those who can relate to what you have gone through, or is going through. And for those who haven’t made the same blunders, to be a guiding light.

Whether it is a sour relationship, a failed marriage, an abusive partner, incest, rape, difficulties with pregnancies, miscarriages, parenting children, loss of a child, spouse or other family members, loneliness and depression, gender or sex or racial discrimination, an incident you witnessed—whatever it is that fits in with the aim and tone of our website. We will be honored to be a part of your journey of discovery, healing and encouragement by being the medium through which you can let your voice, your story be heard.

Write to us at womantowomansite@gmail.com Email Subject: Encourage and Empower Women

If you are a writer, feel free to join our writing team! Come, add flare and panache to what we do.

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