Celebrating the Best Makeup Artist: Happy Birthday Paulla!

Birthday Girl


Happy birthday Paulla! You’re a woman of substance. All of us here at Woman to Woman appreciate your contribution to the website and just wanted to let you know that you’re special! Hugs and kisses from all of us here. Now to find you the perfect Cassanova to stick the cake with! LEAVE YOUR WISHES BELOW 

Happy sweet 16!


Paulla De Souza is a name synonymous with beauty, a true connoisseur of art, her interest in the beauty industry began very early in life.  It was therefore no surprise that she pursued a career in fashion and beauty.   

She started out as a hairstylist in her late teens, her journey as a professional makeup artist began 14 years ago when she met the late Jean Inniss, Trinidad & Tobago’s premier makeup artist who recognized her natural flare for makeup and mentored her, though her work was greatly influenced by celebrity makeup artist the late Kevin Aucoin and Sam Fine.  With her natural artistic abilities and sensitivity, she quickly distinguished herself and went on to become the most sought after makeup artist in the Caribbean and South America, this profound talent also led her to Europe and the continent of West Africa.  

Her work has spanned a variety of events including Bridal Parties, Beauty Pageants, Fashion Shows, Music Videos, Television Shows & Ads, Infomercials (both Corporate and Commercial), Press and Editorial, Demonstrations at Products Launchings and Promotions and subjects for Photographic Portraits. Bookmark and Share  


Email her at maquillajepad@gmail.com or visit her site at http://facefabulous.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Best Makeup Artist: Happy Birthday Paulla!

  1. Paulla

    Thank you very much my darling Lady D, this means a lot girl. I feel truly bless to have u as a friend my true sista gal pal… love ya lots

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