Battle of the Sexes: Will It Ever End?

A response to: The Independent Woman Backlash (article published by Woman to Woman)

Below is the response by someone who is a regular contributor to Woman to Woman blog. The person manages his own website that more or less publishes articles in overt resistance to women’s independence, liberation, and development, all in the name of modern day patriarchalism.

He Writes….

“This article [The Independent Woman Backlash] hits pretty close to the mark. I commend you for being big enough to admit the situation was your fault.”

You’re still wrong on several areas, though.

It caused men to think that it is okay for them to forgo their responsibilities because the woman boasts herself as “Miss Independent,” can pay my own bills, buy my own car, own my own home. You name it, I can do it. I can even have my babies ‘without you.’ (even though the sperm donor is obviously a man).”

Men don’t have any responsibilities toward women naturally. They are a cultural luxury extended to women dependant on women’s difficulty or inability to do these things for themselves. Think about it. If you’re struggling to lift a heavy package or being assaulted near me, there isn’t a single law on the books that says I have to use my time or energy or risk my safety to help you-none. If I do so, it is an expression of my goodwill toward one who is less able than myself.

So you see the problem. When you said “We can do it all. We don’t NEED a man. We’re equal to men.” you dissolved these “responsibilities” of men. Men no longer have any responsibilities toward you, you’re just like the other guys now. That makes you our rivals, or at best, a possible obstacle or neutral agent by default.

You can’t be equal and more than equal at the same time. The laws of mathematics, physics and common sense forbid it. If you want men to honor their “responsibilities” you need to drop the tough girl act and go back home to honor YOUR responsibilities caring for children and keeping homes. If you want equality, quit whining about men not being chivalrous, we aren’t chivalrous to each other.

An irritating practice that raised its ugly head is this: Guys now expect us to pay for their cab, air fare to come and visit us, provide and or pay for their accommodation, pay for their gas, put credit on their phone, pay for dinner. When they visit our home they help themselves to everything there, no shame in their face. Because we wear the cap of “Independent Woman,” they come around assuming we don’t need anything, so they don’t bring anything to the table. Instead, they come to take from the much we claim to have. What a backlash! Then we curse them out and call them ‘low-life.’”

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? If you’re equal, you get to pay equally. Welcome to the man’s world, honey.

There is no code, written or unwritten, that states that men are born into a servile class two rungs removed from women and must pour golden ducats, wine, and roses at their feet for the “honor” of their company. What you are losing is not “old-fashioned courtship”, but men’s respect for keeping up this sexist charade, this farcical, transparent, double-standard that women get to have men’s cake and eat their own too.

I don’t think you’ll have to worry about men taking advantage of you financially if you keep doing what you are doing, we will eschew your company altogether. While you may not be able to live in the 21st century without men’s contributions we can live just fine without you and are already developing artificial wombs to gestate babies in.

This “backlash” is more severe than you are aware. We could be looking at the collapse of the civilization women have taken for granted in 50 years or less.

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One thought on “Battle of the Sexes: Will It Ever End?

  1. The MRA statement posted here nails it to the wall quite effectively. But I think he doesn’t go quite far enough.

    My own position is that the entire state order has been contaminated by the feminist worldview and become anti-male to the core. This goes an order of magnitude beyond simply obliterating ‘chivalry’.

    Basically, what it does is to dissolve the entire social contract between men and the state — which means (follow this carefully) the entire scheme of political obligation between any man and any other “citizen”, male OR female.

    Simply put, we are back to Thomas Hobbes’s “state of nature” — the “warre of all against all” as described in ‘Leviathan’.

    Men are not simply second-class citizens in the feminist order — they are non-citizens.

    Which means that no man has any duty toward any woman AT ALL. Not even any duty to treat her according to the “law”. Of course, any man may choose to treat women morally and honorably, but the only locus of duty is a moral law within himself, and not any law that exists only on paper in the name of a voided social contract.

    If you think I am describing a dangerous situation, you are correct.

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