Battered Women: Facts and Statistics

As we observe Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Woman to Woman stands in solidarity with women, men, boys and girls who are victims of abuse and violence, be it physical, emotional, verbal, sexual or psychological. Continue to visit our site as we bring you daily doses of information about domestic abuse and violence that will blow your mind.      Bookmark and Share

Email us your story about your experience with domestic violence/abuse/battery. We treat all emails with strict confidence.



2 thoughts on “Battered Women: Facts and Statistics

  1. Amanda

    What a Fabulous website!!! Thank you so much…I recently seperated do to domestic violence and need advice on almost everything:) I have already sent all my friends news of your site!!

    1. Thank you so much Amanda. We will continue to help and empower women in every way we can. We wish you success in the future and a violence free life, because you have a right to that. Happy holidays….

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