Men as Victims of Battered Woman Syndrome

Men too are victims of domestic abuse, domestic violence and battery at the hands of women. And generally when a woman reacts to her abuser, it ends in serious injury to the man or death.

There are arguments that the scale of justice leans heavily in favour of justice for abused/violated/battered women than it does for abuse/violate/ battered men. Below is a thought provoking and controversial video about the comparisons between men and women as victims of domestic violence.  Bookmark and Share

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One thought on “Men as Victims of Battered Woman Syndrome

  1. In my twelve years of researching this subject and being a domestic violence advocate I have spoken to thousands of men in relationships with abusive women on our toll free (US) helpline for victims of domestic violence. I can say unequivocally that in most cases the courts lean in favor of the abuser when it comes to female on male domestic violence.
    Abusive women are manipulative and pathological, they know how to work the system in their favor. In regards to domestic violence, our court system was not set up to protect any victim, it was set up to protect female victims.
    I have heard from quite a few male murder victims family members over the years. They have shared their pain over their deceased loved one being called a batterer when all signs over the years indicated that the murder victim was indeed the recipient and not the perpetrator of abuse in the relationship.
    For instance, one family told me of their tragedy. After years of showing up for family gatherings with unexplained bruises this family members son/brother/uncle was stabbed to death by his wife. The murderess claimed self defense and was acquitted of the crime.
    With a get out of jail free card she went on to abuse two more intimate partners (that we know of) and was arrested for domestic assault twice over the next few years.
    If tables were turned and it was he who stabbed her to death in alleged self defense I dare say he never would have been free to abuse any other partners.

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