Letter to Abuser

The letter below is from a victim of violent abuse and battery. We are sharing these letters as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Woman to Woman Vent Week.

Dear John,

I cannot believe that after all this time, I still have deep resentment for you. Of all the things you have done to me, and of all the beatings I suffered at your hands, the one I remembered most is the day you kicked me, over and over again. You dragged me to the floor and kicked and stomped me like I was a rag doll, some inanimate object, something without feelings. The images of that night never left me, none of them did and they may never.

I’m glad it’s over between us. I wish I had left you sooner. It’s hard to understand why women put up with abusive partners. I thank God I didn’t die, at least not for too long. That night you brandish your gun, I swore you planned to kill me. That’s why I had to run off into the night. I couldn’t stay to find out. Sometimes I want to do to you exactly what you did to me. Slap you; cuff you; kick you; bust your face; spit at you; call you derogatory names—just about everything you did. But vengeance is not mine.

I’m better off now, much better, without you. I cannot believe I actually stayed with you for so long.

Stronger Woman

Mail your letter to womantowomansite@gmail.com


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