Why I Need To Know & Understand Self

By D.C Cummings, from PAGE 1, Who Am I: Knowing & Understanding Self

Now that you have read about the need to find your identity, know and understand yourself so that you can live a purpose-driven life, and have been shown the difference between ‘who you are’ and ‘who you became’, it’s time to see the benefits of all that knowledge.

Why do I need to understand and know myself is a relevant question. You need self-awareness for a number of reasons, some of which were broadly stated in the first part of this article Who Am I: The Power of Knowing and Understanding Self

 Below is a non-exhaustive list of specific reasons I have formulated.

  • It is a key to personal development
  • It helps to build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • It engenders self respect
  • It helps you appreciate your strengths and weaknesses
  • It helps to better dictate your behavior and helps you to understand how it benefits you in certain situations and how it hinders you in others.
  • It helps you to understand the difference between yourself and others and makes you able to capitalize on your uniqueness
  • It helps you to better understand and relate to others
  • It can work as an instrument of change
  • It helps you to appreciate your assumptions, beliefs, perceptions and prejudices
  • It helps you to accept responsibilities for your mistakes instead of blaming others
  • Last but definitely not the least, it helps you to develop self-love

It is important that you know that developing self-awareness and using this knowledge to change or navigate between behaviours is not aimed at changing the sum total of who you are, or rather who you have become (that person influenced and shaped by environment and experiences). The aim is really to help you to understand and find that balance by showing you:

  • how you will typically behave in most situations;
  • when your particular behavior, response or reaction will be effective and;
  • whether a different approach might be more beneficial.

Those will in turn allow you to make a conscience effort to act differently, if so needed.

Go ahead, take time off to get to know you and overtime you will learn to enjoy, love and accept you for you. When people see your love for self they will treat you accordingly. The next time someone asks you who you are or you look at yourself and wonder “who am I”, I hope that you are not stomped by the question but that you are able to confidently smile and respond, “(this) is who I am.” Get to know and understand yourself and by that receive the key to unlocking a world of endless possibilities!

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