The Philosophy of Balance

Just like the Feminist Movement is alive and kicking, there are Anti-Feminist, male-centered, painfully patriarchal movements working to counteract female liberalism—in short, the battle of the sexes continues. Woman to Woman finds Men’s Resistance (a blog) an interesting read, so much so that we sometimes post articles from it, needless to say, there is a silent war going on between Men’s Resistance and Woman to Woman. What is important is that we believe in freedom of speech and information, and respect the views of others, even if it doesn’t match our ideologies. In other words, we agree to disagree. By its mere name Woman to Woman“, we are often misunderstood as a “feminist” forum but it’s far from the fact—well, how about you be the judge. Below are some thoughts shared by Men’s Resistance.

 At Balance of Power, we hold that men are, and always have been, a political underclass. This fact is self-evident. The examples of it are ubiquitous-male-only conscription,the lack of research into diseases that primarily affect men, the shorter male lifespan, and the criminalizing of male sexuality via sexual harassment policies that only address male courtship strategies and overlook female sexual advances.

We hold that the contract between ourselves and our governments was broken the day those governments granted 100% control over reproductive rights to females. We hold that Patriarchy is a wise and noble system of governance, the only system in fact, under which the interests of all people will be represented, as it has become evident in the last 40 years that any other system will be usurped by unscrupulous females seeking entitlements,who are indisposed by their very nature to extend political equality or even basic civil rights to men.

It is time for a new revolution,of men,by men, and for men, so that our sons and their sons may live with the freedoms that we never had,and our forefathers took for granted.

by Men’s Resistance,

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One thought on “The Philosophy of Balance

  1. I'm Not a Playa/Just Crush Alot

    I went to the men’s resistance site and did not feel compelled to check it out. First, it’s subtle “Nazi” tag in its design is really not so subtle. Look, I am a man who loves women and all they have to offer. There really isn’t a more beautiful creation by GOD than a woman. Shall I mention Halle, Marylin, Victoria Secret, Maxim’s top 100. (I like the smart ones so don’t get this wrong). Yeah, they can have issues sometimes–but my GOD–what alternatives do we have or would you want anything else. I find everything about women remarkable (i.e., childbirth–I wouldn’t want to do it)becuase they are so different than us men and they are our ying to our yang. Sites like the one featured today is for men who truly have not known a woman’s love. If they had, there would be nothing but love.

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