We Are Not Intimidated by Independent Women

By Contributor of Woman to Woman

Of course, men are not “intimidated” by “independent women”. Why would we be? What is supposed to be scary about it? “Ooooh, she makes money too!”

The women who put this theory forward are in fact bitter, not that their careers and status repel men, but that their careers and societal status don’t attract men. Men aren’t attracted to money and power, women are. We are attracted to great figures, beauty and youth. So, you can put this “intimidation” theory to bed, there’s nothing to be intimidated by. We just don’t find the same things attractive that you do, and gaining money and power in the hopes that men will flock to you is a dead end.

More solipsism here:”They [independent women] want an assertive woman who knows what she wants and knows how valuable she is. She must have a high self-esteem and sense of self-worth, and can appreciate herself and her man.” (Ella Bradley,Why Some Men Chase After Independent Women)

Just because you want an assertive man doesn’t mean we want an assertive WOMAN. Ladies, take your heads out of the sand and smell the fresh air. And no, we aren’t “threatened” by your assertiveness, it just isn’t what we find attractive. If you want to know what we are attracted to, just listen to US instead of your girls. Here it is, let me solve this mystery once and for all. It’s very simple, here is an itemized checklist of what men find attractive:

1. Ample, shapely figure
2. Youth

That’s it. Everything else, we could take or leave. And another flaw that repeatedly crops up is the myth of the “independent woman”. There is no such thing as an “independent woman”. A woman is never independent, from the time she is born until the day she dies.

She has Affirmative Action to make sure she gets a job, she has Title 9 to make sure she gets into sports that she may or may not be good at, she has millions of unpaid bodyguards in the form of any man that may be standing around. If she is good looking, she can eat, drink, and/or live for free, any man will happily provide these things for her. She has preferred status in welfare, government housing, and nearly all other social programs. She takes for granted the chivalry of all the men around her. If her car breaks down and she needs a ride, someone will happily provide it for her (most likely a man), whereas a man in her exact situation, located in the exact same spot will have to walk to his destination.

Men make up 85% of the homeless, that’s how “independent” women are. They almost never have to provide for themselves. It’s easy to be “independent” with people happily providing you with services that save you millions of dollars over a lifetime for free. “She doesn’t need a man to make her feel good.” Assertions like this are incredibly unattractive. You may not need a man to make you feel good, but you do need men to mine your oil, minerals and natural gas, provide you with electricity, farm your food, ship your goods, invent new labor-saving devices, protect your freedoms overseas, protect you within the confines of your country, protect your legal interests, advise you financially, invent new surgical and medicinal medical techniques to save your life, and just about every other area of your life you take for granted.

This “girl power” fad has gotten way out of hand. Women are increasingly divorced from reality. Your attitudes and unrealistic expectations, wishful thinking, and constant demand for self-aggrandizement has led to an over 40% out of wedlock birthrate, and catastrophically-declining birthrate. Enough is enough.

If you want to know what men want, ASK US. If you insist on NOT listening to us and instead continue failing in your goals by using a strategy designed to attract WOMEN, not men, that is based off of what YOU like, then quit blaming US with these ridiculous charges that we are intimidated or threatened or are simply immature. We aren’t intimidated, we aren’t threatened, and if anyone is immature, it is the side that refuses to learn from their mistakes and maybe have a conversation with men like adults.

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2 thoughts on “We Are Not Intimidated by Independent Women

  1. Anonymous

    Originally I thought your blatantly sexist site was written by a man who was doing something legitimate: stating what he found attractive. It is OK to not be intimidated by independent woman. However, you digressed.

    You say that women can never be independent. What a lie! You mean to say that no woman has achieved anything on merit? You’re implying that woman are less intelligent. That is just not true, and you could not prove it without lying.

    Secondly, you imply that women have it easy. That if their car breaks down, they’ll be helped. What a small-minded thing to say! The fact is, in Africa, a woman is more likely to be raped than to learn how to read. Over 80% of domestic violence targets woman. They make up the vast minority of CEOs, and in some countries, they’re not even allowed to leave their homes without men. So try being successful through that! I am not saying that women are ALWAYS the victims, but you generalized when you said that all women have it easy. The fact is, when affirmative action is used, it’s because most women have it hard.

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