As We Get Ready to Bring the Curtains Down on 2010


2010 and has been a year of trials and triumphs, a year for introspection and reflection, a year to determine goals, dreams and directions. On January 1 of every year we feel renewed and reinvigorated. We see it as another opportunity to start from scratch.

The beginning of 2010 was especially different for me, and it may have been the same for you. It was amidst feelings of anger, pain and frustration, confusion, loss, failure,  and other negative emotions too many to enumerate,  mixed in with feelings of relief, freedom, independence and joy that I began the year, promising myself to walk different paths or at least if I have to walk the same paths, to do so differently.

Life is a constant struggle to achieve dreams and goals that many times appear elusive because of the challenges that are often thrown right in the middle of our paths. For every one thing that is going superb in your life, there are at least two things ready to counteract it. This is why true happiness appears abstract and far-reaching. But happiness and joy are real. As much as we believe these virtues come from other people, they don’t. They are inside of us and it is their projection by us on others that feed back to us. That’s why we must present our spirits in positive forms so that we could reflect back on ourselves that which we project.

It requires deep inner strength and heavy reliance on God and the faith in us to overcome all these negative things. But we overcome, and that’s the beauty of life. I speak not only for me, but for all of us who know the familiar taste of disappointment and triumph, sadness and happiness, achievement and failures, love and loss, pain and endurance. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it through 2010 in one piece. You stood resolute, even at times when you needed to be resilient. You won. When you thought you wouldn’t have the strength to keep on keeping on, just when you were about to give up and give in, you tasted victory. God is an ever present FRIEND who helps us to carry our burdens even when we are convinced that we are carrying them alone.

As I remember all the help and support I received from family and friends in times of trouble, I challenge you to remember the same. Sometimes we are so caught up in ourselves that we forget to show that appreciation for people who have been there. Face it, you’re never alone. There is always someone there helping you along the way, whether or not you recognize or accept it. Let’s all remember to show gratitude, love and kindness at this festive time of the year. But above all, let’s all remember that we do not have to wait until the festive season to extend appreciation to those that matter in our lives. Neither tomorrow or today is promised, do all you can in every instant moment.

May 2011 be a year of fulfilled promises, goals and dreams, and though challenges may come, you’re one level stronger to take on the vicissitudes of life.

Happy holidays, and a prosperous 2011!!

D.C Cummings


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