Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Man

Woman to Woman

Girls, it’s almost Christmas and you just don’t know what to get your man? Yeah, I know what it feels like. It’s never been easy to buy for men, or put another way, it’s so easy because of the monotonous gifts you see (phones, wallets, ties, cameras, tools, watches, bla, bla, bla) that you’re quickly frustrated. It’s about time you get your Mr. Fine something unique.

Whatever you get the man in your life, keep in mind every man has his own preference and style. It might be easier to get him something that suits his personality and you may want to ensure he can actually use or benefit from it. And look ladies, don’t, hold back. This is your man, so go all out for him. In the end, he will feel so special, so loved and appreciated, and oh yea, he deserves that and more….

I’ll start with the most to the least favorite of my 8 unique gifts for HIM

Cufflinks: They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but who says a man doesn’t deserve diamonds too? Fine, suave, sophisticated men can use a few more sets of cufflinks. If you really want to outdo yourself for him, a pair of cufflinks with diamond studs in each of them is going to melt his heart. This is my favorite gift idea of them all!

Cruise Ship Tickets: For an unforgettable getaway. Rekindle love or strengthen the bonds between you and your Casanova.

Art (paintings, sculpture): Many men are stimulated by art and you’ll surely impress him with this gift by hitting the spot and feeding his desire for arts.  

Football Tickets: It’s football season and you know how difficult it is to get your man’s attention during the games. Let him know you don’t mind and that you support his sport fetish by presenting him with season tickets for his favorite team’s play.

Customized Gift: A baseball cap or coffee/tea mug, with his name on it or some special words, like “You’re the Man” will stroke his ego and keep him smiling throughout the season.

Winter Scarves: I love to see men wearing their scarves and “things.” It gives them a classy look. So if you’re a woman that adores a man with class and finesse, this might be just the gift for him.   

Bathrobe: How about a gift for him that benefits you? Men look very sexy in bathrobes so hey, way to go! Wink, Wink.

Video Games/Wii: Men are big boys and just can’t seem to kick the habit of playing with buttons and gadgets. If that’s your man, the latest video game from playstation or better yet, the Wii Sports is a good match for his personality. Go ahead, feed his boyish tendencies….

Happy holidays and all the best to you and your Mr. Fine.


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