Substituting Your New Year Resolutions

At the stroke of midnight, that thin-sliced moment between a wretchedly old year and the dawn of an aspiring new year, people across the world become nostalgic. Bitter-sweet moments fill the air. Mixed feelings of reminiscence of yesteryear, intertwined with joy and gratefulness of being alive to usher in a brand new epoch. Anxious lips gladly utter New Year Resolutions; a curious year patiently awaits their fulfillment.

But soon, fanciful declarations and pledges to do this or that become entangled in the inevitable vicissitudes of life. And then, poof! All goes awry. The truth is, sometimes we make resolutions that are impractical within our own circumstances, though we hope that somewhere, somehow they will be realized.

For some, instead of making oaths that depend on intrinsic and extrinsic factors that they may not have control over, they prefer to set practical plans and goals. They challenge themselves to achieve things that, in their in estimation, the time and resources are more likely to be available and accessible. Though we must dream big and set great goals, perhaps, it’s a wiser strategy to substitute extravagant resolutions, avoiding the pitfalls of broken promises to self and others.

What are your resolutions this year? Are they practical? Or are you dreaming for the impossible? What about more realistic plans, would they better suit your individual circumstances?

Happy New Year and a Successful 2011

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One thought on “Substituting Your New Year Resolutions

  1. My resolution for this wonderful new year is to simply enjoy each and every day to the fullest. Two years ago my abusive husband of 20 years left my boys and I. Those two years are a blur, I honestly am amazed that it is 2011! but in those two years I have become a strong, confident woman ready to live life after 20 years of being deprived of the basic human needs, love, acceptance and care.

    This is the year that my life begins new for me. I’m soon to be 46 years old and I can honestly say that my life is just beginning.

    I’m learning to embrace all of my emotions and am learning to love again with a wonderful new man in my life, learning to accept and care for others, but most importantly, I’m learning to love, accept and care for myself. I take the time to really feel what it is I need and to love myself, all my wonderful, intricate imperfections that make me…me.

    Here is to a new year and new season in life. Embracing each and every moment as it comes, enjoying every moment that we are given in this life.


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