Men’s Appreciation Day


Woman to Woman would like to make today its Men’s Appreciation Day. We hope to make this an annual recognition of men’s contribution to their spouses, women in their lives, children and society as a whole.

We live in a constantly changing world, one in which men have become the immediate and opposite rival of the female population. Women were anxious to be emancipated  from patriarchy, male chauvinism and marginalization. Men trembled at the thought of the introduction of women’s rights and liberation laws and policies. At the same time there were and still are those who support and embrace the fact of gender equality. While they struggle to maintain their place in society, men have become less and less recognized and appreciated. But there are many good men and society cannot exist without them. There is scientific research underway to help women procreate without the aid of men, period. This left our men folks questioning their place, their roles, and their functions in the future world.

Men, society will always need you. There is no way you can be annihilated. There are good men out there, men society cannot function without. These are men who are secure in themselves, respectful, caring towards theirs and other’s children, and respect the same women who are nevertheless clamoring for independence, equality and enhanced liberation—even to the apparent detriment of their male counterparts.

Men who take care of their children

These men do not cringe at the thought of a cut in their paycheck so that their sons and daughters can have a good education and benefit from other social and health care services. They work as many jobs as is required in order to keep bread on the table, and never measure their contribution to the child’s welfare against the mother’s, or against the next father figure in the child’s life. The child is not a burden or a liability but an invaluable, priceless part of them and is not separated or distinguished on the basis of blood relations. A father is a father and a child a child.  

Even having to single-handedly raise and take care of their kids is never daunting to them. They do not give up or run away with fear and trepidation. On the contrary, they happily take up the roles of both mother and father in circumstances that demand their dual-role capabilities.

They spend time with them and teach them in ways they must go. They are loving. They do not abuse their children, sexually, physically or emotionally. In essence, they do not violate their children, biological or legal, or abdicate their responsibilities, hoping that another man will pick up the slack. They are there for every occasion, every achievement, every developmental transition, when the first tooth comes and goes, for the first step and the first goo, goo, ga, ga. And most of all, they are the men who are tested by how they treat the children of others. Anyone who claims to have respect for man, woman, or child is tested not by how they treat those who are blood relatives but by how they treat strangers and those from afar. They are tested by how they treat the little ones who are incapable of protecting or representing themselves. They do not take advantage or ill treat them and then find every justification for the sins they commit. We’re talking about abusers of children, pedophiles and those who commit incest against their very own.

Men who treat women with respect

There is a hue and cry about lack of respect for women by some men. They cheat, hurt, abuse women in their lives, some, even their mothers and daughters. Then they turn around and blame women for their mistakes and inadequacies.

But then there are those wonderful men who know what it means to respect a woman. They are in touch with her femininity and they honor it at all costs. These men are REAL MEN. They are not weak, or insecure, or intimidated by the feminine power of a woman. Instead, they are supportive of her abilities, talents and strengths. They love her for who she is and are honored to be that man by her side.

They are happy to speak of her and her accomplishments without feeling inferior.  They are not predisposed to criticizing her so they can feel like the man, or to look good in the eyes of others whom they think are too naive to notice their weak strategies.

Men who do not abuse women

Bless your hearts if you never put your hands on a woman. A man is to be applauded and appreciated for knowing that he can communicate to the women in his life in forms that do not include hitting, grabbing, touching, shoving, kicking, slapping, beating—no unwanted or forceful physical contact with her.

He knows not to call her derogatory names, nor punish her to keep her “in line” with his whims and fancies, nor control her through money, food and material things, or anything he (accurately or inaccurately) perceives she wants or needs or is dependent on him for .

He respects her body and never sexually violates her. He knows she is inviolable in just the same way he is. Neither does he attack her through her children. Instead, he loves them just the way he loves her because her kids and her are one, and because they may be his kids too.

And, if and when he errs, he’s quick enough and man enough to admit his errors and transgressions. He does not exacerbate them by casting blame. He “man up” and is willing to learn how he can better serve her, his children, his family and his society by striving to be that man his mother prayed he would turn out to be.

Woman to Woman pauses to appreciate and celebrate all the good, strong, genuine, respectful and respected men. Men who walk the walk and talk the talk. Hats off to you, for doing what you do and doing it well. Continue to be that beacon that shines a light upon a world that has gradually minimized your precious role in our lives. Few in number as you are purported to be, we need you all. And we need you to mentor young men like yourselves in how to be REAL MEN.

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