Phenomenal Man

From Delina Cummings’ Poetry Diary




Show me a phenomenal man! Who is he?

How is his face, his manner, his thoughts?

From whence cometh he, and to where dost he go?

Is he as imagined? Is he real?

Like the phenomenal woman,

There exists the phenomenal man,

Face so fair to look upon,

The dream of every conscious woman,

That phenomenal man.

His manner bedazzles her,

No other man can be like him, even if he tries,

Thoughts in him are honorable, his intentions pure,

He is girded with compassion, refined with loyalty,

That phenomenal man.

Faithfulness, dependability, trustworthiness,

Allegiance, chivalry, and grace,

Strength, intelligence and humility,

Are the cornerstones of his being,

That phenomenal man.

From the blessed womb that carried him,

To the arms of the heart that captures him,

Passionate about the touch of that gentle flower,

He’s conscious of its tender petals,

That phenomenal man.

He reassures her with his strong gentle embrace,

Loves her beyond all human imaginations,

Knows her needs before she thinks it,

And meets them before she asks,

That phenomenal man.

For the child of his loins, he would die,

The armor of protection intact,

Warm fatherly touches that soothe,

Assertive utterances to discipline,

That phenomenal man.

He is in touch with the outer bounds of his personal world,

And strives to influence positive evolution,

By day, and by night, his duty is to the human race,

Never guilty of wanton neglect.

Because to positively affect his outer world,

Is to perfectly perfect his inner conscience,

It is to obtain the ultimate, for him,

And those loaned to his care.

That phenomenal man.

Greed, lies, deception, cheating and stealing,

Are foreign to his conception,

Purity lines his heart, nobility paves his soul,

Honesty pervades his intentions,

His life, his every essence,

He is that phenomenal man,

That man, whom, for every phenomenal woman,

He is the complimentary opposite,

That locks her world into infinite contentment.

Now, that’s a phenomenal man!

In recognition of all the fantastic phenomenal MEN in our world

All rights reserved

7 thoughts on “Phenomenal Man

  1. I have finally met my phenomenal man! He is amazing. I have never known such genuine love and caring from a man before and am amazed each and every day how we came together.

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