Caribbean Beauty Working Makeup-Magic in Texas

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I love people and I enjoy making them feel and look beautiful. With every brush stroke of color that I apply from my color palette comes immense satisfaction, as my talent transforms itself into art! I just love what I do! There is no question about it.”

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From the radiantly colorful heart of Trinidad and Tobago to the bright lit city of Dallas, Texas, rises a star, a woman of rainbow flavor that fascinates the face of her clients, with every stroke of her feathery brush.

Meet the beautiful and talented Marie-Térese Cumberbatch-Syé, independent Makeup Artist.

Born to Dabble in Art

What piqued your interest in makeup artistry?

Marie-Térese:My interest in makeup artistry developed when I received my first makeup kit from an uncle, as a gift, when I was 16 years old. As a child I was always good at drawing and painting, and at school many of my pieces were entered into school competitions hosted by corporations. As for the makeup kit, I do remember it being a kit having the prettiest and most vibrant red lipstick that I have ever seen! It was from the Rive Gauche collection by Yves St. Laurent! I have NEVER seen another red lip color like that since.”

Certification and Experience

Certified as an Artist by M.A.C where Marie-Térese worked for two years, the beauty industry has been graced with her talent for fifteen exciting years.  She rubbed shoulders with some known names in the business. M.A.C, the acronym for Make-Up Art Cosmetics is a subsidiary of Estée Lauder.

Marie-Térese :My experience and tenure as a Makeup Artist afforded me the opportunity to meet and work with some extremely talented professionals in the industry, and to be a part of some great projects regionally and internationally.”

Marie-Térese had the pleasure of being tutored by the great Gordon Espinet – Global Vice President of M.A.C and Make-up Artist extraordinaire, and Danessa Myricks of New York – another fiercely talented artist whose work has been featured in many black hair magazines, such as Hype Hair, and is a fixture at the Bronner Brothers Annual Hair Shows.

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I’ve had the good fortune of speaking with and interviewing Marie-Térese a few months ago.  She is warm and mannerly and sends off positive feminine energy that instantly makes you feel comfortable around her.

She is professional, very down to earth, and a Caribbean breeze to work with. Her personality allows her to engage the positive energy of those with whom she comes into contact.

What is your best quality working with faces?

Marie-Térese :I have tolerance and patience in abundance, even more than the jars, palettes, brushes and vials of color that I have come to be at one with.  


As a veteran in the business, she’s seen the transformation of makeup trends and the upgrade of cosmetics.

Marie-Térese: “Electronics have gone high definition and so has foundation!”

What is it like being a makeup artist in big ole’ Texas?

Marie-Térese : “It is my understanding that Dallas became quite popular as the place for fashion, beauty, and upscale living, owing to the television hit series of the same name which aired from 1978 – 1991. It is also the 3rd largest city in Texas. A poll featured on MSN declares that Dallas holds the No.7 position of cities in the United States whose residents spend money to keep fit, healthy and looking good; Austin (the state’s capitol) ranks as number one.

Here, there is an open market for those wanting to get established in the industry, with many opportunities for portfolio enhancement (i.e.: trading services for images/credits/tear sheets/etc.) in lieu of monetary compensation.  While work for pay is available, one needs to be networked with those that are providing such opportunities. I say this to say, I think the poll really applies to fitness, not beauty.”

This fine beauty, Marie-Térese Cumberbatch-Syé, represents the beauty industry well and is an indispensable asset to anyone she works with.

Marie-Térese:I love people and I enjoy making them feel and look beautiful. With every brush stroke of color that I apply from my color palette comes immense satisfaction, as my talent transforms itself into art! I just love what I do! There is no question about it.”

Please take some time to view Marie-Térese’s online portfolios which can be found on:


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