Pampering Him on Valentine’s Day


By Zoe Mendez, Guest Writer, Woman to Woman JOIN us on FACEBOOK

Okay ladies! It’s not all about you. So get out of your take, take, me, me, mode. Your man, husband, boyfriend—he needs to be pampered too!

Men are often the ones that are overlooked in regards to Valentine’s Day celebration.  They may not express it often enough but anything you do in the line of things they like to do can be an incentive to you. There are so many simple things that a man would appreciate, outside of sex that is. A foot or hand massage,  sneaking into the shower with him with your special body scrub, and while you are at it, shampooing his hair, drinking a beer or having a glass of wine with him, letting him lay in your lap and giving him a facial—any of these can blow his mind. Oh! One more thing: It wouldn’t  hurt to initiate sex. Let up with the shyness—for once. Become a tigress, today.

You don’t have to spend a million bucks to make your man feel special. At the end of the day ladies, you need to get this: your man wants to know he means the world to you at all times.

Whenever I think about Valentine’s Day, there is a perfect picture painted in my minds eye that varies from time to time.  Each picture is equally magnificent. It’s a beautiful day that begins with that special someone. Assuming that we are living in the same space, I know I would be the one doing my part to plan a perfect day. It begins with breakfast in bed; he would be showered with rose petals and lots of kisses everywhere that would definitely lead to that something, something every man looks forward to that makes the start of his day memorable.

A part of my gift would include a teddy bear. There is something very adorable about giving your man a teddy bear— that I can assure you. Every guy has a mushy side. It does not matter how macho he portrays himself to be. Give your man a teddy bear and observe his reaction. It is one of the cutest moments to experience (please of course ensure the bear is macho and not girly). My man would know before he leaves the house how special he is to me.

During the day, spontaneous and occasional flirty messages, giving him subliminal hints of what is in store for our evening, would add to what’s to come. According to the experts “sexting” is a fantastic way to boost your relationship, Valentine’s day or not!

Of course, this has a lot to do with your man and the nature of your relationship. Hence the reason it is very important to learn and understand your partner. At the end of the day, I don’t see it hurting anyone to go outside the box; try something different with and for each other.

The roses, chocolates, diamonds and other gifts…these do add to the wow of the moment. All of us love to be on the receiving end of extravagance. What should really matter the most though is knowing that you know how much you are loved by that special someone. You cannot put a price to that!

Back to my perfect day or evening: I like the idea of creating our own romantic dinner at home. I see us both preparing our special dishes for each other. A man who knows his way around the kitchen is very, very sexy.  Most of my male friends shared that they feel more appreciated and think it is sexy if their woman would whip up their favorite meal, whether it is at his/her house, as opposed to dining out. After dinner, the rest of the evening would be about things done behind closed doors.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the emphasis of the day’s celebration seems to be placed more on making the woman feel special, instead of each other. Every day should have a moment when you show your love and appreciation for each other. So when Valentine’s Day comes around it should be treated like a day to put the icing on the cake. It should be a day to focus on each other, it should be about giving and receiving, not necessarily material things as there are so many ways to let your special someone know how much they mean to you.

Whatever happens, remember that not everyone is in a position to shower each other with expensive gifts. If the love that you share is genuine and real then it really wouldn’t matter if you are sitting at an elegant restaurant having dinner, or sitting at the seaside enjoying each others company.

When it comes to expressing emotions or showing how we really feel about the ones we love, some of us are clueless. Even though for some, it is the little things that count, there are others that would be distraught if the day is not filled with all the trimmings.

Which ever way it goes, it is important to note that this day should be equally special for both of you. Efforts should be placed on expressing love and letting your partner know how much he or she means to you.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxoxo

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