Leaving An Abusive Relationship


First posted, October 2010, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Domestic violence awareness is demanded every day.

I left him because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I would say to other women in the same situation to get out of that violence, because nothing good comes from violence only mistreatment, humiliation, low self- esteem. But we have to have our own self-esteem to be able to continue to be strong, and to say that’s it; I can’t stand this anymore; and life changes for us. I would advise them to get out of that life of violence, that you can do it, that they need to give themselves self-worth and not leave their children orphan because that’s what was going to happen to me if I haven’t come here. Now thank God, I’m here and I’m fine.” (Carmela)

For many women, leaving an abusive relationship is NOT that simple. Many make it out safely, many others don’t. There is often a greater risk in leaving than in staying. The violence often escalates after the woman leaves the relationship. Statistics show that women are more likely to be murdered by their abuser more when she leaves than when she stays. What does she do, leave or stay? What a hellish dilemma!


3 thoughts on “Leaving An Abusive Relationship

  1. Depending on our preference with our romantic partners, we may be already subject to abuse but we are still not aware of this simply because we think it is normal. Consult a professional counselor and know your rights as an individual to avoid getting physically hurt or emotionally abused.

  2. There are a lot of people who are in an abusive relationship. While there are suffering from various abuses, some are having difficulties in leaving it for different reasons. These insights that you have shared in order to do this move are very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Elizabeth

    I am women in relationship of abuse, I wasn’t able to say it clearly until the many attacks , but one night he clearly showed me what my fears didn’t want to see, and ever since that day my life has been shaken. He can show all the signs of love but I don’t feel it. I hide my true feelings from him cause I know he don’t care at all. I’m dating someone that could snap at anything , and don’t know what would happen next.

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