When a Man Loves a Woman


Marie-Térese Cumberbatch-Syé,

Contributor for Woman to Woman


Out of the singing voices of two great artistes, Percy Sledge and Michael Bolton came confessions of what a man will do when he loves a woman. They sang that he would do anything for her and anything for love – things that he would not normally do if he wasn’t in love.

You can tell when a man loves a woman by the way he treats her, in private and in public. One can tell another multiple times per day “I love you,” but actions always speak louder than words. A man shows respect to the woman he loves when in the company of friends, family, in the presence of strangers, and especially when they are alone – when no one else is watching. She will know that he loves her because he makes her feel good about herself. He is honest, remembers special calendar dates and occasions, is proud to introduce her to family and friends, listens to her, encourages her, and is proud of and supports her endeavors.

It is a fact that men do think very differently from women, and when it comes to understanding what makes a man fall in love with a woman you have to be aware of the intrinsic qualities of a woman that will capture a man’s mind, heart and soul.

Men are rational enough to understand they don’t need a perfect woman, but a woman who is perfect for them. That is why it becomes very important that a woman is confident and genuine enough to present her true self, inclusive of her flaws as these are a part of her individuality.

When a man loves a woman he:

  • Ø Is inspired to make her smile every day
  • Ø Will give her a gift and it fills him with happiness
  • Ø Will look into her eyes and feel a jolt of positive energy
  • Ø Is inspired to make her feel safe and loved
  • Ø Desires her and is filled with joy from her affection
  • Ø Does just about anything to take care of her
  • Ø Is inspired to be the best that he can be
  • Ø Is dedicated to the success of the relationship
  • Ø Will look at his woman and profoundly know that he is at home and feels peace within his soul.

If you have read this and can attest to the things written here, then smile and let your heart be joyous because you are in love and are loved. Anyone who has been in love can certainly confess that it is a powerfully potent emotion that cannot be denied!

 Ø Feel like sharing your love story with that Mr. Fine? Please do comment below.

10 thoughts on “When a Man Loves a Woman

  1. This is a beautiful post and I couldn’t agree more. Women and men should treat eadchother better. I love the feeling of being in love. Makes me want to exclaim it to everyone I meet.

  2. I have a new man in my life after divorcing an abusive man of more than 20 years. I never realized how unhealthy my marriage or that person was until I now have a healthy relationship.
    My new man is so caring, loving, respectful and kind…it blows me away! I am 100% in love with an amazing man that genuinely loves me for me. ♥

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  4. Anonymous

    why is it allowable for double standards to be so blatant to american women where we are 55 % of the pop. And who is any woman to judge me when I was the one who went up to bat for all of them to have the rights that I never had as one. Backstabbers.

  5. Amy

    Yes, my boyfriend does the whole list! I felt the unspoken love that he provides and I didn’t know what it was at first. It was so profound that I googled it and learned and understood what he was doing and I dont need anything else in life now.

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