Woman of the Month: Erica Johnson Knows How to Hook Mr. Right

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So you’re a single gal who has been working her butt off to find her Mr. Right? Well, finding the “right” guy isn’t as easy as you think (wink). It takes some work on your part to attract Mr. Right to you. Of course, other women have gotten lucky, having their Prince Charming appear, just like, poof! Yea, he sort of fell right into their laps. But some of us have to put in the work + overtime! You got that right girlfriend. But hey, don’t sweat your fat, we have someone who shows gals like you how to dip your hand into the magic bag and pull yourself out that Casanova you’ve been daydreaming about.

Erica Johnson

Meet Erica Johnson, our Woman of the Month. Erica is the founder of GuidingU2Success.com, a company devoted to teaching single women around the world how to attract Mr. Right, increasing their self-love, all while creating the life that they truly want and desire.

That’s right. You’re getting a good coaching package, one that not only focuses on the “how to” attract “him,” but also one that helps you review yourself. Often times, we experience problems finding that compatible person or amiable relationship because we fail to introspect. Something is not always “wrong” with the other person. We have to learn to look inside of us and see what we’ve been doing wrong, and what areas of our lives need some overhaul. Fact.

A lot of us women like to think we are “okay”, we don’t need a man in our lives. Ok, go on, fool yourself. No man, okay, well, no woman is an island. We need companionship. We need to feel loved and supported. We need that trusted someone, someone we trust with our thoughts, dreams, even our bodies.

Let Erica help you help yourself, and by help, I mean guide you to finding, not the perfect man, but that man who is “right”, just for you.

Erica’s Mr. Right Attraction System ®, which she created, is the proven step-by-step program that shows single women how to attract Mr. Right easily and effortlessly. Through her workshops, coaching programs, and products, Erica shows her students how to get what they want out of life.

Erica also blogs and has contributed her eye opening article(s) to Woman to Woman. Better than that, this sassy lady has already written a book, God Is Ready, Why Aren’t You? You can visit the site www.godisreadywhyarentyou.com.

Now for the best part in getting you started, you can download Erica’s free guide “23 Tips to Attracting Mr. Right” and receive weekly Mr. Right Attraction tips and tools visit www.guidingu2success.com.

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