With Brides In Mind…

bride in wedding dress

By Paulla De Souza (Cosmetologist) and Contributor for Woman to Woman

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Over the years the one most common request I have received from a future bride-to-be is that she wants to look fresh and natural, a prettier version of herself; they never want to look over done. Makeup if not properly applied can make you look like a totally different person I agree.

My first advise is, from the time you have chosen your wedding date, your next important appointment should be a visit to a spa, get a facial, especially if you are one of those women that is usually delinquent with your skin care. Bare in mind skin that is well taken care of is essential for fabulous results after makeup is applied.

If you are not involved in a daily skin care routine you should develop one, make it a priority to find out what your skin type is and purchase products that are suitable for your skin type, cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice daily pay special attention to eye care. Let this be a part of your daily bath routine. Depending upon the condition of your skin and the length of time you have to your big day you can schedule facials one every other month.  If you never had a facial before I don’t recommend you getting one close to your wedding day, if you are a first timer do it at least 4-6 weeks prior, this way you will have time to recover in event of an unfortunate break out. Try waxing way in advance if you are also waxing for the first time, by doing this you will have an idea how your skin would react to the products used.

Start paying attention to your diet, what you put into your body is important and may have an adverse effect on the outer body. Increase your in take of fruit, vegetables and yes water… a lot of folk dislike drinking water, but if you know the real benefit of water to your well being you would be eager to take in more. Take your vitamins, Vitamin A, E, C & B Complex enhances your skin, nails and hair.

Do not under estimate the positive effects exercise have on your skin’s radiance.  Sweating helps to release toxins from the body through the skin and during exercise one tend to increase their in-take of water, so it makes sense that skin is most radiant for someone who exercise on a regular basis.

Choosing a Makeup Artist can be I would imagine a very tedious process especially for someone who never wore makeup before. Unless you have met someone that you are absolutely confident with I recommend shopping around providing you have the time and resources select at least 3 of the best references you can get from past brides.

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When meeting with your Makeup Artist, it is important to be clear regarding how you would like to look on your big day. Schedule a trial/dry run way in advance so you can ensure that the look you get is right one for you, speak up say what you are not comfortable with and why this give him/her adequate guidance providing the artist is experienced enough. Take a few shots so you can see how the camera would interpret what was done. Bare in mind that on your wedding day as much as you would like to look as though you are wearing nothing on your skin, your makeup artist would have to skilfully strike a balance between, having you look fresh and natural for your close-ups with guests, your photography and your video, so it’s okay to feel as though you are wearing too much when you look at yourself with your naked eye; a little more that usual is required for your video and photography.

The actual colours used is determined by a number of factors, your colour scheme, shade of white or ivory, if there are colours on the dress and most specifically the colours used in your bouquet. These are the questions your makeup artist should ask you when your are consulting. In some instances the style of your dress, how your hair would be done, head piece and theme of your wedding can be the determining factor of your over all look.

Paulla De Souza is a popular Cosmetologist in Trinidad and Tobago. She owns the Group Maquillaje. Feel free to join on Facebook Maquillaje

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