Domestic Violence

Abuse can be physical, emotional or psychological. It can take the form of domestic or intimate partner violence and also includes sexual assault and violence. There are many women who leave their abusive relationships while there are also many who stay in them.

Isn’t it funny how others look at the abused/battered woman and criticize her for staying without understanding all the underlying issues. I mean, no woman should be forced to stay in such situations, but how does she balance all the odds working against her to grab that opportunity to free herself?

  • If you are in an abusive relationship/marriage, what is keeping you there?
  • If you know someone who is in such a relationship/marriage, why do you think she stays?
  • Why do some women stay and others go? What is responsible for the difference in their decisions?

Let me see: She is uneducated and naive, right? She has low self esteem, right? No other man would date a battered woman, right? Woman, man or expert, click on Why do Some Women Stay in Abusive Relationships to read what others already wrote or to COMMENT. Write as much as you wish!

In the meantime, here are some articles on abuse:

4 thoughts on “Domestic Violence

  1. I recently got out of an abusive relationship after six years. My former fiancé went to court this week after assaulting me twice in ten months. He is an alcoholic and has faced jail and legal issues many times in his life. He exerted controlling behavior, verbally put me down, he tried to control my expression because he didn’t want to address his alcohol issues and how they were effecting the relationship. I have PTSD in the last few months and am angry for staying with this person too long. I’ve been given a two year order of protection so I’m reasonably unafraid. I wish I had known he had substance abuse issues sooner than I did. I made the mistake of cohabitation and he slowly took over my life.


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