Mary Aguilar Battafuoco: Battered Survivor Dared to Break the Silence on Domestic Violence

Exclusive Woman of the Month Feature
by Olvia J. Scott Senior Writer, Woman to Woman Blog Talk
My neighbor heard my screams and told me that I am a battered woman, and I needed to call this number she gave me. I hesitated to call, but finally did, and to my surprise the counselor said to me, “When you come here you will think you are married to all these husbands”. No my husband is a Jehovah Witness, “I thought in my mind”! I saw there was no difference when I went to the shelter. Well, I decided that I needed to go for help….I needed help! Emotionally and financially!…So I left everything behind with my children to live in the shelter. They helped me with food and shelter. The brothers [from the church] didn’t help me at all. They still didn’t disfellowship him [my ex husband], even knowing the truth. You just don’t go to a shelter for nothing.”
Meet our woman of the month; the vibrant, enthusiastic, aspiring actor Mary Aguilar Buttafuoco. She’s been chosen as our woman of the month because she defied the odds of spousal violence, protected her children, and escaped what could have become the jaws of death. Her strength, resilience, boldness and newfound confidence are refreshing inspiration for women like herself, in fact, for every woman.
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