2011-2012 Favorite Wedding Dresses

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I don’t know about you, but I love the sound of ta, da, da-dum, dum-dum-dum…(or something like that). Whether you’ve been married or not, the sound of a wedding always sends twinkles to your eyes, even if you don’t like the idea of being married. No matter the time of year, weddings are always a beautiful time, not only for brides and grooms but for family, relatives and friends. Traditionally, we tend to look at the wedding as the woman’s thing. Well, ya got that right! It’s all about the bride! She has to look fabulous, her dress, shoes, flowers, hair…you name it.

Seeing the now Dutchess of England, Kate Middleton, dressed in her stunning gown has made many brides-to-be eager to look equally dazzling on their day. 

Having an interest in wedding affairs and all the novelties that come with it, I decided to share my ideas of things that would make a perfect wedding. Let’s begin with one of my favorite aspect—wedding gowns. Now, it may not be a royal wedding, but who says you should not out do yourself to try and appear as royal as you can?

At the top of the bride-to-be’s list is to find that perfect bridal gown, now that she’s found her ‘perfect’ beau. “Perfect” of course depends on each woman’s taste. It could be simple, elegant, glamorous, trendy, classy….Whatever it is, the bottom line is to look good in it and it must complement her body type and her height. I love a combination of simple yet elegant and classy. This combination allows a woman to wear the dress without overshadowing her own personality and charm on her special day. While you want all eyes on the dress, you want your guests to remember you, as much as they will remember your dress.

Now you can choose to spend a little to a whole lot of money to look great, but since you are likely to be on a budget, you can find ways of spending less and still look equally and fantabulously stunning, as if you were wearing a million dollar dress.

Also, remember to choose your dress based on whether your wedding is indoor or outdoor and the time of the year you’re tying the knot. Most of all have fun on your special day!

Look out for more wedding tips coming from Woman to Woman.

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