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Previous Women/Men of the Month

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Dallas Forte: Christian Singer

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Domonique Mayhawk: Storybook Illustrator

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One thought on “Contact

  1. Katie

    I was with a man for approximately 10 years now. Two years into the relationship I became very ill with a severe kidney infection. While hospitalized what I thought was a yeast infection as the result of taking so many antibiotics was actually diagnosed as vaginal herpes. I was devastated. At first I was in denial and I was angry as well. I have never been promiscuous and had only been with two men before the boyfriend of late. I knew I had to tell him and when I did he simply said “aww you need to come over and let me just hold you.” What a sweet man, I thought. UNTIL one day I found out he was the person who gave me the herpes. We have broken up and I know he is having sex with women at random and is passing on the herpes to them too. Why isn’t this something that should be registered through the health dept? It is funny how you think you know someone only to find out you don’t know him at all!

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