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5 thoughts on “Email Us!

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I just wanted to say Hello! Thank-You for posted my story.

    Mary Buttafuoco Aguilar please keep in touch,

  2. Anonymous

    Another perspective.

    I totally understand that people out there are getting hurt and deceived, its good to be able to warn and vent on a forum like this for support. However I recommend you find a method of validation of whom you allow to post and the information that you are allowing them to post.

    I find it more volatile that any vindictive person can make up an alias and post anything they want on this site. Also there does not seem to be any aging process of postings plus I would hope the individuals are notified that their information is posted on your site.

    1. I understand your concerns. I believe freedom and speech and freedom of information allows people to vent as they feel. Of course, this could border libel or defamation, depending on the forum. One has to look at the intention of this blog/forum. Is it intended to support libel and defamation? Not at all.

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