The Unbreakable Bond of True Friendships


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It is important that we fill our lives with people who bring value to our existence.” (

Friendships, true friendships are difficult to come by and when they do come, they are twice as difficult to be rid of. The latter speaks volume. True friendships are not to be trifled or trampled upon, but to be cherished like the diamond on the fingers of the beautiful woman that wears it. It is to be treasured like the love of a man who gives it.

You wake to the break of dawn and realized that you needed someone—someone to reach out to you, to hold your hands, to wipe your tears, to love you unconditionally, to be non-judgmental, to understand you. Then tender hands grabbed for you. A warm heart treasured you. That is your friend.

Friendships don’t just happen by chance. They are preordained, pre-designed by God for a season and a time when you will be needing them most.

Many people struggle to find true friends, others have them falling by their sides. Whether there are many or few, one good friend is enough strength for a lifetime—many lighten your burdens, with ease.

Friendships are not to be taken lightly. Because God chose not to be physically present, He allows himself into your life through angels, disguised as ever-loving friends—true, real friends.

No distance, no time, no space, is powerful enough to affect or distort true friendships. While you sleep, a true friend is burning the midnight oil to ensure that your welfare is protected. When you are overwhelmed and discouraged, true friends comfort you. When you question yourself, your very integrity, your worth, it is those true angels that believe in you.

A friend, a true friend trusts you blindly. They see you as reliable, honest, trustworthy and credible. They believe your yea to be yea and your nay to be nay. They trust you with their money, their children, their home, their life—uncompromising confidence because, like them, you too have proven yourself to be a real true friend.

Who are your friends? Are they there when you need them most?

A friendship is known or proven only until it is tried and tested. True friendships pervade your life; they persevere; their bonds are unbreakable. Dust may settle upon them like an unused Bible, but they never lose their value, their savor. They never die.

To friends we can entrust our innermost selves, knowing they will safeguard our secrets and advise with gentle candor. Listening to our tribulations, they understand even what we do not say. Loyal, dependable, and kind, friends go out on a limb where the sweetest delights are found.” (Joane Davis)

Call up all your friends, man or woman, and let them know that you are grateful to have them in your life. In fact, facebook this, tweet it, myspace it, email it, link it—let your friends know you appreciate them.

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