What Makes Her a Beautiful Woman

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By Olivia J. Scott, Writer, Woman to Woman Blog Talk and Demand Media Studios

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It is time to crush the rhetoric that beautiful means tall and skinny, with big boobs, or of a certain skin color, skin type, body shape or size. Beauty is beyond what meets the eye.

The way women are viewed, by self and others, is largely owed to how they were socialized and what they see, read, and hear in the media. Like political and social propaganda it peddles, the media contributes to the false notion that anything less than light-skin, tall, skinny, boobsielicious…isn’t beauty at all.

Self-esteem also plays a significant role in how women see themselves. With low or eroded self-esteem, there is a greater chance for women to be misled by social and media definitions of beauty. When a woman is completely confident about herself and knows who she is, despite her outward appearance, then and only then would she be able to displace the fallacy that only certain types of women are beautiful.

Not only is good self-esteem an essential part of every person’s character, it is a big fraction of a greater whole. That whole comprises self-concept—how we see ourselves, self-image—what picture we portray to others, and sense of self-worth—how valued we feel, in spite of what we see or hear. We act and react base on our own image of self, and therefore where poor self-esteem exists, and where we do not have a fixed image of who we are, we are vulnerable to being easily persuaded into seeing ourselves as ‘whatever’ others say we are.

When we talk of feminine beauty, we should ask about things beyond her face and body. What about her intelligence, wittiness, or sexy shyness, her assertive confidence, sometimes…audaciousness, her charisma and ability to articulate, even under pressure?  Or of her innate qualities of strength and resilience, which help her rise to challenges, withstand chaos or remain steadfast in conflict?

A truly beautiful woman is one who is wrapped in the essence of things intangible. For example, she is kind, loving, caring, considerate, nurturing, and selfless; she is smart and independent—she has a mind of her own. She is capable of putting her needs aside to ensure the needs of her spouse and children are met. But her unselfishness extends beyond those dear to her.

For some, a beautiful woman’s attributes are akin to the Proverbs 31 woman. Her hands are always at work, tending to the physical and emotional needs of her family. She toils and mends all day long, fixes broken things, nurses wounds, and cures conditions with her immeasurable love. She is graceful, gracious, and dignified, with a great sense of spirituality; she is wise, emotionally strong, and powerful, even with a gentle touch. She is virtuous. Fidelity is her home. Those, and synonymous traits, define the beauty of a woman.

So beauty is not determined by color, shape or size. It is more than physical features, soft on the eyes as they may be. Instead, beauty is every woman in her individually unique state.

Let us rebut the beauty rhetoric and show all women that beauty is far more than skin deep. Regardless of what media and social norms would have her think or believe, she is an incomparable diva! Click here to Leave a COMMENT

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