The Art of Waiting


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Written by Zoe Mendez

God is in charge of my life and all my affairs, I am successful in every undertaking because I am prepared.”

This is a testimony that many live by. But how many of us are sure that it is possible to live a life that is totally dependent on God, and receive remarkable results? It is a topic that is discussed in many circles, but one is not entirely sure how to go about living by God’s grace, and how to totally be dependent on Him for ALL things, in every area of our life. The unfortunate thing is there is no formula, or manual, to go by, though there is the Bible, of course. Each of us, while it may be our ultimate goal to end up in the same place at the end of our journey, the paths we take to fulfill our purposes will differ. So what may work for one may not work for the other. I would be the first to admit that living by faith is nerve wrecking.  It has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you are spiritually grounded. I have learnt that in life there will never be a dull moment. Just when we find ourselves in a good place, life has a way of hitting us some “curve balls” that jolt the very core of our being. This in turn causes us to question everything we believe. I’m learning that such divine design is meant to make us stronger and take us to the ‘next level.’ However, in the moment, we may not be aware of  it until some time has passed.

The process is not an easy one, it takes faith, and sometimes not a whole lot. All we need is a little “mustard seed faith,” and belief in self and the Ultimate Source. We were thought that “[f]aith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not [yet] seen.” Therein lies the challenge for most of us. We’ve become so accustomed to the need to control our destiny that it becomes important for us to see the evidence materializing, first, before we can embrace the process. Therefore, instead of waiting on divine timing to manifest, we try to manipulate other people and situations to get things to swing in our favour. This is the very attitude that gets us into trouble and, in some instances, we find ourselves trapped in unfortunate or compromising circumstances.

It is empowering when we get to the point where we believe and embrace the source that makes all things possible for us, in spite of our shortcomings. We need to always remember that God will only give us His best. He presents us with the options and we have to use our power to choose wisely, at given moments. Even when we choose outside the will of God, and it does not turn out the way we expect, embrace the knowledge that you were provided with, e.g., [a]ll things work together for good to those who love God...(NIV) or, as some like to say, “God knows best.” He really does, we just have to believe. Tucked away in every experience, negative or positive, is a lesson. Each lesson teaches us something about ourselves, about others, and, most importantly, we are taken to another level in God. Our trust level goes up and so does our faith.

The choice is always yours to make, when dealing with both pleasant and unpleasant situations. Only you can determine how it will affect you. Remember, no storm is meant to last forever. In the natural, even the worse storms wreaking havoc around us passes, eventually, and at the end of it all, each nation that suffered at the hand of the deadliest storm has had an opportunity to rebuild. Sometimes, in reconstruction, it bounces back better and stronger as a nation. It is the same with us. When adversity hits us with its best shot, we may fall down. But once there is life and breath in our bodies, we can get back up again stronger, and better. We just have to change the way we view things and try to see our challenges and situations through the eyes of God. All we are required to do is to stop trying to fix it ourselves, do not plot for revenge, do the right thing, stay faithful, get focused, let go and trust God.

It can be difficult and, indeed, nerve wrecking when faced with adversities. The bills are due and you don’t know where the money is coming from, or life just throws you in a bad spot, or you have to make a life-changing decision at the snap of a finger. Do not let worry overload your mind, because you will loose clarity. You would not be able to get clear directions if panic and worry is at the forefront. Embrace the knowing that God always points us in the right direction; He supplies our needs, because He knows them all. We have to learn how to quiet our minds and get focused, in order that He may direct our path. When you live in a sure place, there will be no need to hook up with someone just because it’s a sure way of knowing that your needs will be met. There will be no need for you to subject yourself to ugly situations in order to take care of your business.

Mastering the art of waiting on God and moving with His timing is a process, the same way learning to walk or talk is a process. As you begin to trust Him and take your situation one moment at a time, you will easily get from one level to the next in the process, through faith and determination. There is a common saying, “God don’t always come but He sends.” He shows up right on time, ALL the time. How many times have you been faced with a challenge that caused you to panic in the moment; you called everyone you know on the planet, asking for help; but it seems as though every door you knocked on was closed? You worry yourself into a frenzy but nothing happened and then, viola, you get a telephone call, or run into someone you had not seen in a long time or—as some of us like to say, “out of the blues“—you cross paths with a total stranger….I am sure there are many moments you can look back on and realized that you never really had to lift a finger, but a solution to resolving the challenge was provided. That is the way God works. There is nothing magical about God providing our needs, and the interesting thing is, the only part that we are required to play is to stay faithful and keep focused. He could connect us with a total stranger in a different time zone if that is what it takes to accomplish His purpose for your life.

Have you ever taken a moment to recognize that we are all somehow connected? If not, reflect. What you see might amaze you.

So the next time you’re faced with a faith shaking moment, try deep breathing, it calms your nerves, which should help you to relax and focus on the fact that, with God, all things are possible. And remember, it is all about His divine timing, no situation is too big or small for Him who rewards us in big ways, just for having mustard seed faith. While you wait with much anticipation for the good that will come to your life, remember do not be anxious, focus on the positive things, the good things, the lovely things… It would not be easy, but, with practice, you could get there. Once you can change your thoughts, you can change your mind, and once you can change your mind, you can alter your destiny. Be blessed!

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