Treating Your Child’s Fever Without Medication

child fever remedies,fever in children,natural remedies for fever,woman to woman blog talkBy Annalisa Bahadur—Guest Writer, Woman to Woman Blog Talk

It’s flu season, which often means parents worrying about the best remedies and maybe a few trips to the ER. I am not a doctor, just an often-concerned mom like most of you.

My four year old was not given the flu vaccine. I don’t want him to have it, since I do not see the point of having him injected with virus to fight a virus that his body was built to combat. In other words, I don’t think his immune system requires help. Another reason is that I, like most moms I know, who have had their children vaccinated said that their children were sick as often as those without the vaccine.

This season, I decided on not treating my son’s fever with the usual ibuprofen and acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Why? There is unlimited information on liver damages that can be caused due to regular use of medications. I thought of my son’s small liver, and I thought I should give it the fighting chance I had when I was a little girl and my mom treated my fevers with soups and love. This season I did just that for my baby boy and tried the non-medical approach to lowering his fever.

Reducing your child’s fever doesn’t help to cure the underlying illness or problem. Fever is actually the body’s way of fighting off infections. If however, the fever gets too high where it makes the child uncomfortable, you may want to reduce it by placing a damp washcloth on the child’s forehead while he rests or running a lukewarm bath. This should reduce the fever by one or two degrees. Cold water is a no-no since it may cause shivers and spike temperatures.

Make sure that your child stays hydrated. I prefer organic low sugar diluted juice. There is still some nutrients in those, and the sugar gets into the bloodstream fast enough to give some energy. Encourage your child to have yogurt and ice pops. They rehydrate and keep the body cool.

It would be wise to keep your child lightly dressed. If he/she feels chill, then offer a light throw. And cuddle. Wear something comfortable; order in for yourself; and spend time just holding him or her. I believe that holding your child and letting them know that you’re there is perhaps the best therapy.

When to call your doctor

Call a doctor if your child is 3 months old or younger and has a fever of 101 degrees or higher. Once she’s 6 months old, call if her fever reaches 102 degrees or more.

Call a doctor if your child has a fever accompanied by other symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, diarrhea and vomiting or purple spots on her skin, which can be a sign of a serious bacterial infection.

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