Dallas Forte: A Singing Soldier of Christ

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Our Man of the Month Exclusive Feature

At Woman to Woman, we happily celebrate MEN—successful men, great husbands and fathers, gifted and talent youths.

Meet our very first Man of the Month, Dallas Forte, from the Land of Many Waters, beautiful Guyana. His story is one of triumph, as he battled against childhood challenges to rise to stardom.

Despite losing his father at a tender age, Dallas is a star in his own right with a voice quickly becoming the envy of those in the Caribbean musical industry.

Clearly defined goals and fearless determination set Dallas apart from the rest of his counterparts.

Under the tutelage of Blood Wash Records in Barbados, Dallas is currently working on producing his first Solo Gospel Album. His new single, Unspeakable Joy, won 3rd place in a recent singoff competition. It was the only gospel song ever to be entered into a secular competition in Guyana.

Early Childhood

Dallas, born on March 13, 1984, is the son of proud parents. They knew there was something special about him, and this became more evident when he began singing at the age of 9. Starting out in the West Ruimveldt Boys Choir, Dallas’s outstanding vocals won him a place as leader of the choir.

But things were not always glittery for this Guyanese Artist. His father died when he was only 5 and it took Dallas a number of years to accept his father’s death.  That aside, Dallas was your typical boy, getting in trouble and not taking academics too seriously.  But his teachers noticed in him a strong potential for musical success. During all his childhood challenges, music was always his escape, whether it was R&B, Reggae, Soul—whatever music he was drawn to.

After completing High School, this singing soldier of Christ entered into the inaugural GT&T Cellink Plus Jingle Competition. He placed second amongst the 500 contestants who competed—a remarkable accomplishment. Later that year, Dallas was recruited by Bass Player, Mr. Ralph Harte of the 2nd Coming Band, to participate in a flood relief concert in Brazil. There, he sang before a crowd of 16,000 people. He was also invited to sing and make a presentation on The Impact of Mass Media on Culture in Caracas Venezuela.

Thus far, Dallas has done opening performances for Papa San, Progidal Son, Christafari , Sherwin Gardner, DJ Nicholas, Kerron Innis, Tye Tribbett, Richie Righteous, and other artists.

Although Dallas grew up in church, this young and gifted son of the soil didn’t fully give his life to Christ until after his music career began.  Since then he became a worship leader and a recording artist who hopes to take his music ministry worldwide and win souls for Christ.

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